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Dragons in-lair: 13

Ashywolf is one of the artists of the Tale of Dragons site.

He contributed to to the St. Patrick's Day (2013) event by spriting an assortment of clovers and butterflies and also sprited many other sites aspects. His dragon debut was made with the Seamair la Augury.

In-Lair Work

Nemesis Dragon

(New Egg)

Seamair la Augury Alayi Oceane Carnation Dragon Furnace Drake

(Adult Male)

Nemesis Dragon Egg Seamair male 2 bright rainbow Alayi oceane dragon adult



Swallow Tail Fluture

(recolours and design)

Lightfire Dancer Pygmy Adversary Dragon Donation Dragon


Herald of the El'durath

Swallow tail fluture female

LFDancerAdult Adversary dragon Donation dragon adult Herald of Eldurath adult
Savannesque Forerunner


Painted Darter Pygmy Aurora Drake
SavRunAdultM Painted Darter Male Adult Aurora drake male


Cake Dragon (FoL costume) Red Velvet Pygmy (FoL costume)
Cake Dragon lights alt maleCake Dragon lights alt female Red velvet lights alt maleRed velvet lights alt female

Art Work

Clovers Butterflies Misc Badges
Clover 1Clover 4Clover 16Clover trifoliumWhite cloverOxalisHare cloverRed cloverYellow OxalisClover 17Clover 18Clover 19Clover 20Clover fTrollin clover Cabbage white butterflyButterfly clouded sulphurRed admiral butterfly

Blue admiral butterflyButterfly8animated Black and orange butterflyButterflyblooanimatedButterfly32animatedButterfly9animationButterflySWanimated Butterfly13animatedMoth1animated

LBBredRatHoneyFishRainbowNem fox Earth day badgeLantern badgeLantern badge contributorsWinter Event 2013Snowflake badge2 newOh Christmas Tree badge
Festival of Lights (2013)
Dimfirefly ashywolf (1)Dimfirefly ashywolf (2)Dim firefly 4Dim firefly 5Dim firefly 6Dim firefly 3Bright firefly 1Bright firefly 2Bright firefly 3Bright glowworm 1Bright glowworm 2Firefly click beetleVbrightfirefly ashywolf (1)Vbrightfirefly ashywolf (2)Miscellaneous ashywolf (1)Miscellaneous ashywolf (2)Miscellaneous ashywolf (3)Miscellaneous ashywolf (4)Miscellaneous ashywolf (5)Miscellaneous big ass cranefly ashywolfMiscellaneous big ass moth ashywolfLetsskiptothegoodpart