Badge collection
Badges are a collectible item on Tale of Dragons that can be found by clicking the book at the top of the page. You can also view other people's badges by going to their lair.
Badge book

Valentine's '13 Badge

Regular Contributors
Valentines 13 badge user Valentines 13 contributor

This badge was given to attendees of the Valentine's '13 event.

Dragon Search Badge

Regular Filled Full
Dragon search badge Chestopen1 Chest badge full

This badge is given as soon as you use the Search action and successfully receive your first item.

The Fabulous Husky Badge

Fabulous husky badge

As you try to feed the glorious husky to your dragon, it vanishes into a puff of glitter. You were such a fool to think it would let you feed it to a dragon. It is fabulous. And look! You've gained a badge to add to your collection!

This badge is recieved after using the Husky Dog item 10 times. The Husky Dog can be purchased from the Food Shop. You will recieve a message on the 10th use underneath the regular text. You do not need to wait for the current confetti to disperse before using another Husky.

Four Leaf Clover Badge

Regular Contributors
Clover Clover gold badge

This badge was given to attendees of the St. Patrick's Day (2013) event.

Easter 2013 Badge

Regular Contributors
Easter 2013 user Easter 2013 contributor

This badge was given to attendees of the event who recieved the first 5 items and unlocked basket customization. 

Earth Day 2013 Badge

Earth day badge

This badge was given to those who logged on during April 22nd EST in honour of Earth Day.

Firefly Hunt 2013 Badge

Regular Contributors
Lantern badge Lantern badge contributors

This badge was given to attendees of the Festival of Lights (2013)

Halloween 2013 Badge


This badge was given to users who completed the Halloween (2013) quest. It was added on February 28th, 2014 as a means to access the claim page for the quest dragons.

Winter Event 2013 Badge

Regular Contributors
Winter Event 2013 Snowflake badge2 new

This badge was given to users who started the Winter 2013 quest.

Oh Christmas Tree Badge

Oh Christmas Tree badge

This badge serves as a link to the collection page for the Krystos Dragon eggs. It is obtained when a Krystos egg is picked up for the first time.

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