The Bastet Dragon was one of the original breeds released on the site. It is Egyptian in design and gets its name from the Egyptian cat goddess.

The artist expressed a desire to rework the sprites, thus updated sprites have been introduced.

Rarity: Rare
Colors: gold, red, blue, green, black

Offical Descriptions

Egg icon Egg
This egg resembles antique gold.
Hatchling icon Hatchling
With a creak and a crack, the egg pops open! The newborn dragon has a shimmering golden body.
Hatchling s2 icon Mature Hatchling
This baby dragon has a shimmering golden body. It's getting stronger every day and has grown wings!
Adult icon Adult
Bastet Dragons are a rare breed known for their beautiful wings and lithe hunting movements. They were once worshiped as messengers from the gods and were used to protect treasures hidden in the desert land of Khemet. Time passed and the old ways were forgotten. Suddenly they were being hunted for their golden skins and gems. Now the breed has grown reclusive and must be raised from an egg if one has any hope of properly taming even one. Once tamed, they will become excellent guard dragons.

Sprite Artists


Series Egg Hatchling Mature
Adult Alt
Male Bastet egg redux2 Bastet hatch redux Bastet hatch male redux Bastet male redux Bastet male redux shiny
Female Bastet hatch female redux Bastet redo Bastet redo Shiny
Old Sprites Bastet egg Bastet hatch1 Bastet hatch2
Halloween '12 St. Patrick's Day '13
Halloween Bastet maleHalloween Bastet female KeepcalmanddragononHelpmeivebeenkidnapped

Hatching Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Bastet egg redux2
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