Pallette artBirdzareboomin
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Dragons in-lair: 24

An Artist for Tale Of Dragons. Her debut was made with the Spatial Trio (Comet Breakers, Galaxy Divers, and Starweavers).

She likes to sprite and critique, and is usually rather patient when it comes to having things turn out right.

Many of her ideas are derived from space, celestial things, or other things of a mystical nature that can be rather intriguing.

Besides spriting for ToD, she also does a lot of artwork in her free time. Artwork and sewing are her main hobbies. Because of her many other hobbies, birdzareboomin will sometimes disappear from the spriting scene for a while to regroup and do other things.

In Lair Work

Cow Amphiptere Dragon

(New Adults)

Nemesis Dragon

(new sprites)

Opalescent Dragon

(Adult, Old & New)

Comet Breaker Amphithere Galaxy Diver Lindwyrm
Cow new fem Nemesis Dragon Male 693c0b495b5b7bbc9fb1289e3fa1f8ee CB AM GD AF
Starweaver Dragon Twilight Dragon Yinyang Lindwyrm Loveletter Dragon

(Val' 13)

Supernova Dragon
SW AM Twilight Dragon Male 2 Yinyang Dragon Sprite 45dc492e410b5687a553f66e9305a649 Bbdaf6b6461e235a6afe0b919faa9413
Sulfur Dragon


Gold Dragon


Silver Dragon

(Egg, Hatchling)

Bronze Dragon Solar Emperor

Gold dragon egg 0

Silver dragon eggSilver dragon male s2Silver dragon female s2

Bronze dragon male

Solar Emperor adult
Lunar Empress Fluture Sakura Eastern Dragon


Conquest Dragon Raga Dragon


Lunar Empress 100a9990a330c91b620c70c29c9af70a Sakura Eastern white male Conquest Dragon adult Raga dragon male 1
Seachain Dragon


Easter Nemesis Dragon Nemesis Fox Famine Dragon
Seachain dragon adult male Easter white nemesis male Nemesis silvfox male Famine dragon