Dragons are organized by morphological and/or geographical classifications with the exception of Donation, Shop and Event dragons. There are many different classifications, and sub-classifications, that all dragons are grouped by. Some dragons may be grouped in multiple classifications and sub-classifications.

This page lists dragons by their respective classifications.

Note: This is based on a personal classifcation of dragon morphology. Some categories may not be used or given on other sites. Taliseth 19:14, February 22, 2014 (UTC)


Amphitheres (alternatively ampthiphere) are winged but limbless serpentine dragons.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult

Cow Amphiptere ♂♀

Cow egg Cow hatch 1 Fem cow
Cow hatch 2 fem
Cow new femAd785f8cff1006902fa9255cbb8bad042
Quetzals ♂♀ 7a7d56a2a7ce31466472b520a56f4e44 Quetzal s1 Quetzal s2 maleQuetzal s2 female QuetzalAMaleQuetzalAFemale
Undine Amphithere ♂♀ 3e82c81f5dec458a5566b8eee8010af0 Babyundine 218baee8ae6371522d5867bb1a15210b Undine FemaleUndine amphithere new male


Draca are winged dragons with membrane attaching to the tail that distinguishes them from Wyverns. They lack fore legs.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Canvas Glider ♂♀ Canvas Glider egg 0 Canvas hatch Canvas male hatchCanvas fem hatch Canvas maleCanvas fem


Drakes are wingless quadruped dragons that are largely terrestrial.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Aurora Drake Aurora drake egg 0 Aurora drake s1 Aurora drake s2 maleAurora drake s2 female Aurora drake maleAurora drake female
Coffee Dragon ♂♀ Coffee Egg 1 Coffee Hatch Coffee Hatchling Coffee Adult
Furnace Drake ♂♀ Furn Cee0562aea84a48c922ffc99525951ca F019ffec496b396901f238cb1b1ab222802ee08c20b95094ca7b580f53f7a89a 33bb517b56966e80cf7c03fafea0ab36A665686d0283e293263b8e269069ec85
Meteor Dwarf ♂♀ Meteor Dwarf egg 1 Meteor Dwarf s1 Meteor Dwarf s2 maleMeteor Dwarf s2 female DwarfmaleMeteor Dwarf female adult
Salamandrake ♂♀ Salamanderegg Salamander1 Salamandermale1Salamanderfemale1 SalamadermaleSalamaderfemale
*normal colouration shown
Shadow ♂♀ Shadow redux egg 1 Shadow redux hatch Shadow redux hatch maleShadow redux hatch fem Shadow reduxShadow redux female
Speckled Pupworm ♂♀ Speckled Pupworm egg 0 A8dcbe6c0605cafa31308712cbab02e1 04154b254e3f208ae474bcc8097dc20550e393ded7b454003f5a91707ee7ac9a F04a93717c94df7f29af238d37ff2c5aA96c80def643b322d3983079d3c40a36
Stagnum Hydra ♂♀ Hydraegg.gif Stagnum Hydra h Stagnum Hydra hmStagnum Hydra hf Stagnum Hydra afStagnum Hydra am
*single head shown
Sundown ♂♀ Sundown egg 21shadedanddoneREWORK 35shadewREWORK13shadedanddoneREWORK 43sREWORK749e8cb34c06bdef4cdc50b8bc4ec522
Sun-Up ♂♀ SecGSunupEgg 9anddoneREWORK 29doneREWORK18anddoneREWORK 22colorshadeREWORK5anddoneREWORK


Easterns are serpentine, generally wingless (though there are exceptions) and quadruped dragons. Most have the ability to fly with magic.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Apis Eastern Dragon ♂♀ Apis eastern egg 0 Apis eastern s1 56cf2cf5684a1713f97248ed5ddf0d78Apis eastern female s2 Apis eastern adult male651e45b14038060cad27178092ef48cd
*silver shown.
Boundary DragonBoundary dragon egg 0 BoundaryHatch BoundaryHatchM BoundaryAdult
Glowtail Dragon ♂♀ Glowtail dragon egg 0 Glowtail dragon s1 Glowtail dragon s2 male blueGlowtail dragon s2 female green Glowtail dragon male blueGlowtail dragon female green
*one gender form shown
Sakura Eastern Dragon ♂♀ Sakura Eastern egg 0 Sakura Eastern 1 s1 Sakura Eastern white s2 mSakura Eastern white s2 f Sakura Eastern white maleSakura Eastern white female *white variety shown.
Shenlong Dragon ♂♀ ShenlongEgg ShenlongUH ShenlongGH ShenlongAdult
Tianlong Dragon ♂♀ TianlongEgg TianlongHatch TianlongGenHatch TianlongAdult
Twilight ♂♀ Shimmeregg Twilight Dragon S1 2 Twilight Dragon S2 F 2

Twilight Dragon S2 2

Cf1d62bd894f55e748363ce439e2b3aeTwilight Dragon Male 2


Faeries are often magical dragons with wings that either are insect-like or composed of an element. They are usually small.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Aqua ♂♀ Aqua egg E1029484f1ebd5436b0cf4fcca112474 D8e87ae6a4199486e07f171a241df682 010892345c36a7f4748f5f32db87e3de092013f0d47193ac19be859e4ed53aa4
Carnation Dragon ♂♀ Mothers day 2 egg 2 E557a25e83ed7f4df267ce51d9ce91dc 17a9799cba7bfee10886600dcd1b424e0ab7bfd2b069ddda9259def5d2480de3 314fe09afc922d408eb8b08146f750d8820ef1a653b98c0a6620cb2c31344dc9
Dragonfly ♂♀ Dragonfly egg 4 Dragonfly Hatchling29 Dragonfly AdultMaleDragonfly AdultFemale
Dwarf Lady Dragon ♂♀ Dwarf LadyDragon egg 0 Dwarf LadyDragon hatchling 3b278afc75e6054e68d5a17a5f31e7c240d0e35d248d5c0863f5f504bb294df8 5287e5ff6f110d705de0e9fd1f77fa4e936a3cc44c6c4e5882f8f2d458417573
Heartsease Dragon ♂♀ Mothers day 2 egg 3 673722b1b8e812e002e5ce62b9ce68f1 55e323389c639209ae45bd300e503aea387809873111679d08578ed448f67760 08258363b69d31c56e9e7345e884f66447ffb6be8087959190674a1b3090e32d


Leviathans (alternatively known as Sea Serpents) are a class of aquatic dragons with some similarities to Amphitheres and Lindwyrms. Most are finned and adapted for underwater life, generally remaining in the water for their entire life. Some aquatic dragons are even capable of surviving out of water for a limited time span.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Ocean Serpent ♂♀ E8a74a78fb18d2504380eeb4bfee97a7 Ocean serpent s1 Aeaf7cc6c2573680eaa0669e97189e1eOcean serpent s2 A3da8b33aafd993d604625541c0301c5Ocean Serpent male
Tethys Dragon ♂♀ Tethys egg 1 Tethys s1 Tethys s2 Tethys Adult


Lindwyrms are a serpentine dragon with no hind legs. They are generally winged, though their flying ability is often considered poor.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult

Quicksilver Lindwyrm ♂♀

Quicksilver Lindwyrm egg 0 Quicksilvers1 Quicksilvers1maleQuicksilvers1female QuicksilvermaleQuicksilverfemale


Pygmies are very small dragons. Pygmy is a sub-classification, and all pygmies are classified in other categories (i.e. Pygmy Western, Pygmy Eastern, etc.).

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Glowyrm Pygmy ♂♀ 5e645c43f0931a10700555e5148136b0 S1 S2-a1S2-b1 OrangeMale-orange
(*orange shown)
Lilac Pygmy ♂♀ Lilac pygmy egg 0 Lilac Pygmy Hatchling Lilac Pygmy Hatchling MLilac Pygmy Hatchling F 32e143d72513e18d1198bcfd617cb0f868a3c997d187fa206d29fe94a24b59c0
Limewing Pygmy ♂♀ Limewing pygmy egg 0 Limewing pygmy s1 Limewing hatchling MLimewing hatchling F Bc96b58193e5283d9bd2fd2b8b0209e809a310e6686f6ad5897890392a988899

Pollen Pygmy ♂♀

Pollen egg Pollen baby Pollen hatchPollen hatch fem Pollen malePollen fem
Red Velvet Pygmy ♂♀ 35velvetegg 5shade Velvet hatch maleVelvet hatch fem Velvet maleVelvet female


Westerns are the traditional quadruped dragons with two wings and four legs. The most common classification of dragon.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Aurora ♂♀ Aurora dragon egg 0 Aurora dragon s1 Aurora dragon s2 maleAurora dragon s2 female Aurora dragon maleAurora dragon female
*day form shown
Azure Assault ♂♀ BlueEgg 68a99617e488e35713caed30b369180f BlueS2b AAMAAF
Bastet ♂♀ Bastet egg redux2 Bastet hatch redux Bastet hatch male reduxBastet hatch female redux

Bastet male reduxBastet redo

Bronze ♂♀ Bronze Egg Bronze Dragon S1 Bronze S2 MaleBronze S2 Female Bronze Dragon MaleBronze Dragon Female

Cake ♂♀

Cake egg 1 Cake baby Cake hatch 36malshadeCake fem
Celebration Dragon ♂♀ C dragon egg 0 C dragon hatchling s1 75468e1f07b8979717bc3be3ed21af21Celebration f2 Celebration male5097efc5a0582868b37d001b4b7b9428
Dwarf Hinoari Dragon ♂♀ Dwarf hinoari 0 Dwarf hinoari s1 Dwarf hinoari s2 maleDwarf hinoari s2 female Dwarf hinoari maleDwarf hinoari female
Fluture ♂♀ D32ff2d7eb32556638fde06d3a500069 Fluture s1 Morpho fluture s2 Morpho fluture
*blue female shown
Frosted Holly ♂♀ B54f734551854630a26b99f61b097043 5df8583f7bbba19334ae0b875155f486 2e104f36997b88628e6973134b9dd85a3e8b2b1091d2b34a2cf013058967355c 9cf463f67e5b71c678f4abefb8024614384b7a3d77c242205119a528bbd21d94
Gold ♂♀ Gold dragon egg 0 Gold dragon s1 Gold dragon male s2Gold dragon female s2 Goldragon adultBa5bf9326fa508b4a1f28925a4197282
Gold Staccato ♂♀ Staccato dragon egg 0 Staccato dragon s1 Staccato dragon s2 maleStaccato dragon s2 female Staccato dragon maleStaccato dragon female
Goldbacked Dragon ♂♀ Goldbacked egg0 Goldbacked hatch Goldbacked mature-hatch Goldbacked adult
IlioIlio egg Trio r h Trio r hm Ilio af
*(red shown)
Iliya Dragon ♂♀ Iliya egg 0 Iliya hatchling s1 Iliya hatchling s2 Iliya adult
*(reddish shown)
Lunar EmpressLunar Empress egg 0 5fc2ce29d2e6563a96917aedcc7f2add 2adc86b17ea2320189c185f70c50f986

Lunar Empress

Main Coon ♂♀ Main coon egg Main coon hatch Main coon hatch 2 Main coon adult

Marsupial Springer ♂♀

Marsupial egg redux Hatch 1 redux Hatch female redux
Hatch male redux
Marsupial dragon reduxNew kanga concept redux
Painted Thorn ♂♀ PaintedThornEgg PaintedThornHatch PaintedThornHatchFfix PaintedThornAdultMPaintedThornAdultF
Periwinkle ♂♀ 35Egg Peri hatch Peri hatch female
Peri hatch male
Peri femalePeri male
Phoenix ♂♀ Phoenix dragon egg 0 Phoenix dragon s1 hatchling Dcd1c9e0dcbbbc0ba15bb527a11a41b9
Phoenix Dragon male s2
Phoenix Dragon female
Phoenix dragon male
Raga Dragon ♂♀ Raga dragon 0 Raga dragon s1 Raga Dragon Hatch RedBlue Raga dragon male 1Raga dragon female 1
*(one form shown)
Raptordragon ♂♀ Raptordragon Egg 1 Raptordragon Hatchling Raptordragon Hatchling M Raptordragon Adult M
Rose Dragon ♂♀ Rose egg Rose s1 Rose dragon s2 maleRose dragon s2 female Rose maleRose female
Silvdragon ♂♀ Silv Egg0 Silv Hatch Silv hatch maleSilv hatch female Silvdragon adult maleSilv adult female
Silver Staccato ♂♀ Staccato dragon silver egg 0 Staccato dragon silver s1 Staccato dragon silver s2 maleStaccato dragon silver s2 female

Staccato dragon silver maleStaccato dragon silver female

Silver ♂♀ Silver dragon egg Silver dragon s1 Silver dragon male s2Silver dragon female s2 Silver Dragon maleSilver f
Solar EmperorSolar Emperor egg 0 Solar Emperor s1 Solar Emperor s2

Solar Emperor adult

Spectral Dragon Spectral egg 0 Spectral hatch Spectral hatch2 maleSpectral hatch2 female Spectral maleSpectral female
Sulfur ♂♀ 5c7512c1377c57b6af41b85e9c08a726 D0b63077f36dd7502311f048d95f81af 75bcd4cfe94ea6da58401b3b762bca25.gifIaza18390986577500 67d07cdbd260c9cb1523e159844d601dSulfr
*normal colouration shown
Toxidermis Dragon ♂♀ Toxidermis dragon egg 0 Toxidermis dragon hatchling Toxidermis dragon s2 female blue35119e1360de936b94fdcf1298ee780b

Toxidermis dragon female blueToxidermis dragon male blue
*Blue colouration shown

Tri-Colored Dragon ♂♀ TriColorEgg D59d05f0550dc69bca58a04e60886e46 Male Tri-ColoredFemale Tri-Colored Male Tri ColoredFemale Tri Colored

Tuxedo ♂♀

Tux egg Tux hatch Tux hatch femaleTux male hatch Tux femTux male

Feathered Western

A subcategory of westerns that have feathered wings.

Dwarf Alstroemeria ♂♀ Mothers day 2 egg 1 A6c202f9ff448e357990cd178578c96c 89a4b728c3740d0fc3d08e53d798405f896b018c2cb6554a1927e3066f6ed60a C799d9fe8adc54290f3f1ca72d096b371f5066bde3f3b8537c98f7dd78b3e396
Keystone Dragon ♂♀ Bluepeachegg Bluepeachhatch BluepeachhatchMBluepeachhatchF BluepeachadultMBluepeachadultF
Lotus ♂♀ 8d607ebece8f7ddc5b47f1a47f358d2f 964c17e2dcb214ddb5d156915eb7e466 Fem h
*primary colouration shown
PhilosophiaPurplefeatheregg Purplefeatherhatch PurplefeatherhatchM Purplefeatheradult
Siberian ♂♀ Siberian dragon egg 0 Siberian Dragon s1 Siberian dragon s2 male Siberian dragon maleSiberian dragon female
Souleater ♂♀ Souleaters egg 0 Souleaters hatch 1 Souleaters hatch 2 maleSouleaters hatch 2 female Souleaters maleSouleaters female
Zulin ♂♀ Mossegg Dubletail Bae64d1225482d6538293581beb9af05Bc2cb89a4385311f5d45e9a2211e0b51 F13b8babdcaaaaba703298aba3794cb704c7b074208ef0df37babc994a54678a

Equine Western

A subcategory of westerns that are hooved and primarily terrestrial.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Savannesque Forerunner ♂♀ SavRunEgg0 SavRunHatch SavRunHatchMSavRunHatchF SavRunAdultMSavRunAdultF*normal colouration shown


Wyrms, as their name may suggest, are limbless serpetine creatures.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
False-Headed Wyrm ♂♀ Fh wyrm egg Fh wyrm hatch B6a9bbd978f04bf7b415411fc49b7968
Fh wyrm hatch 1
14shadeFh wyrm 1


Wyverns are winged dragons with no fore legs.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature Hatchling Adult
Black-Collared Wyvern ♂♀ Black-collared wyvern egg 0 Black-collared wyvern s1 Black-collared wyvern s2 maleBlack-collared wyvern s2 female Black-collared wyvern maleBlack-collared wyvern female
Blazing Wyvern ♂♀ BlazeEgg0 BlazeHatch BlazeHatchFC5cb3c3fa6d666ec400ae6ea81105a55 06d10f39048aba0f9d5e1ca4f494a0d4Blazing Wyvern adult male
Tanis Wyvern ♂♀ TanisWyveryEgg TanisWyveryHatch TanisWyveryHatchM TanisWyveryAdultM


Shop dragons can be bought using Dragon coins new in the onsite market.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature
Comet Breaker ♂♀ Comet Breaker Comet hatch Comet Breaker S2M CB AFCB AM
Galaxy Diver ♂♀ Galaxy Diver hatch GD S2F GD AFGD AM
Glory Storm ♂♀ GSegg1 Gs-s1 Gs-s2fGs-s2m Glory storm dragon female newNew glory storm male
Nemesis ♂♀ Nemesis Dragon Egg Nemesis Dragon S1 Nemesis Dragon Female S2Nemesis Dragon Male S2 Nemesis Dragon FemaleNemesis Dragon Male
Painted Darter Pygmy ♂♀ Painted Darter pygmy egg 0 Painted Darter s1 Painted Darter male s2Painted Darter Female Hatchling Painted Darter Male AdultPainted Darter Female Adult
Starweaver ♂♀ Starweaver Dragon StarWeaverS1 SW S2F SW AFSW AM
Typheret ♂♀ Typheret dragon egg 0 Typheret dragon s1 Typheret dragon female s2Typheret dragon male s2 Typheret dragon adult maleTypheret dragon adult female


The following Dragons can only be obtained under special circumstances or methods.

Type Egg Hatchling Mature
Herald of the El'durath ♂♀
(Obtained in Winter 2013)
Herald of El'durath egg 0 Herald of Eldurath s1 Herald of Eldurath s2 fHerald of Eldurath s2 Herald of Eldurath adult
Mystery Dragon ♂♀
(Hybrid of Ilio and Iliya.)
Mystery egg New hatchling blue Mystery dragon white s2New hatchling male Mystery dragon female adultUnknown dragon adult male
Supernova ♂♀
(Obtained with Search (Trio Function))
Supernova Dragon Egg 7d7cb0f0a401dd34e2272180827c500b 54ea687fa3cdc7823b25c7b75246c494 Bbdaf6b6461e235a6afe0b919faa9413
Swallow Tail Fluture ♂♀
(Breed-only from
other Fluture dragons)
Swallow tail fluture egg 0 Swallow tail fluture s1 Swallow tail Fluture s2 femaleSwallow tail fluture s2 male Swallow tail fluture femaleSwallow tail fluture male


Donation dragons are bought with Scale at a price of 2 each (equivalent to $2).

Type Egg Hatchling Mature
Adversary ♀ Adversary egg 0 Adversary dragon s1 Adversary dragon s2 Adversary dragon
Alayi Oceane ♂♀ Alayi oceane egg 0 Alayi oceane s1 Alayi oceane s2 Alayi oceane dragon adult
Cibola ♂♀ Cibola dragon egg 0 Cibola dragon s1 Cibola dragon s2 Cibola dragon adult
Conquest ♂♀ Conquest Dragon egg 0 Conquest Dragon s1 Conquest Dragon s2 Conquest Dragon adult
Crow ♂♀ Crow Dragon egg 0 Crow Dragon s1 Crow Dragon s2 Crow Dragon
Crystal ♂♀ 1 crystal egg 19f4f6d7950311306bbb774cf3cb96a3 D5cb6a7d64c58e0e572c6742b16be715 Crystal dragon adult
Donation ♂♀ Donation dragon egg Donation dragon s1 Donation dragon s2 Donation dragon adult
Dracicorn ♂♀ Donation dragon 5 egg 0 Donation dragon 5 s1 Donation dragon 5 s2 E15b99e519ddfd00d4c43bcb4c8ff874
Famine ♂♀ Famine dragon egg 0 Famine dragon s1 Famine dragon s2 Famine dragon
Foxfire ♂♀ Foxfire dragon egg 0 Foxfire dragon s1 Foxfire dragon s2 Foxfire dragon
Globe ♂♀ Globe dragon egg Globe dragon s1 Globe dragon s2 d Globe dragon adult d
Hellhound ♂♀ Hellhound egg 0 Hellhound Ungen

Hellhound hatch 2

Hellhound adult
Horai ♂♀ 8a7466ca905e5b7777ecb2d8f0f86bc1 Horai dragon s1 Horai dragon s2 Horai dragon
Leviathan ♂ Leviathan dragon egg 0 Leviathan dragon s1 Leviathan dragon s2 Leviathan dragon
Opalescent ♂♀ 20opalegg 11s1done 17s2done 693c0b495b5b7bbc9fb1289e3fa1f8ee
Prismatic ♂♀ Rainbow prism egg 8443d0146ab1c3583f9dcfb23d2b4fbe 00f744622f0267e9aa5b98a63616ef33 8fb23c20fea43405fb0f710d4b7fe4f3
Seachain ♂♀ Seachain dragon egg 0 Seachain dragon s1 Seachain dragon s2 maleSeachain dragon s2 female Seachain dragon adult maleSeachain dragon adult female
Selyanth ♂♀ Selyanth egg0 Selyanth-hatch Selyanth-hatch2 Selyanth adult
War ♂♀ War Dragon egg 0 War Dragon s1 War Dragon s2 War Dragon adult
Yinyang ♂♀ Yinyang Dragon Egg Yinyang Dragon S1 Yinyang Dragon S2 Yinyang Dragon Sprite


(Displayed in order of release)

Type Egg Hatchling Mature
(9/11 (2012))
Liberty dragon egg new 0 12libhatchieshade 19libhatch2shade 5libshade
Corpse ♂♀
(Halloween (2012))
Corpse egg 1 Corpse hatch Corpse fem hatchCorpse male hatch Corpse adult femCorpse Dragon redux
Grace Giver ♂♀
(Thanksgiving (2012))
Egg A733d485ff9d790ad0afefb801298608 544d0d33876b04a1d7b631930fa5d7726de2975ea326487dc5437df3b48256da 0dea2015248fd210641c80f20b1a037c22d9d0a2c1b58d1e76b8dbd54dcea935
Jingle Bell ♂♀
(Christmas (2012))
Wo5OJ C9817f0c8fc1bc03bc16d4d0509364c3 20288113220826d95554056e06f7918b Jingleadult femJingleadult
Fireworks Lindwyrm ♂♀
(New Year (2013))
8b8c7d3cf3d8bcf126e39589c0462281 55ddccc525adddf47851da78e91a4447 832ab1604e0105c431a0b0821c2dd7c7D1ff368c013aa09567e92a7229e69fca Femfirework883a5a9a78d98773961228d8ebc3da2a
Sertsa ♂♀
(Valentines (2013))
Val13c1 Val13s1 Val13s2fVal13s2m Val13AfVal13Am
Loveletter ♂♀
(Valentines (2013))
86608212882d75bc6cc37d0d4dcc3c23 49a8375ed09d7e3bdaabe4dda9ee42ba 3f2a48c117344265236d9538114380abCfeff38b671442667011f0ebbf4b4e02 589df2d26d5b56561400d4e73c6403ea45dc492e410b5687a553f66e9305a649
Tadh ♂♀
(St. Patrick's Day (2013))
St patricks day egg 0 St patricks day hatchling St patricks day dragon male s2St patricks day female s2 Tadh dragon maleTadh dragon female
Seamair la Augury ♂♀
(St. Patrick's Day (2013))
Clover hunting dragon egg 0 B891ce01835a816c2af1c6b3d14a8b42 Seamir augury s2 rainbows Seamair male 2 bright rainbowBb7d04741566e761e3f980500e56f638updated

(*rainbow shown)

Easter Lily Dragon ♂♀
(Easter (2013))
Easter lily dragon egg 0 Easter lily dragon s1 722a750977c9ae88fb7a63acf4b534d1722606c8284d029859fbc5fc09ce3427 Easter Lily dragon new maleEaster Lily dragon new female
Freespirit Dragon ♂♀
(Independance Day (2013))
Redstripeegg Redstripehatch RedstripehatchM Redstripeadult
Lightfire Dancer Pygmy ♂♀
(Festival of Lights (2013))
LFDancerEgg LFDancerHatch LFDancerHatchGen LFDancerAdult
(*green shown)
Deatheater Dragon ♂♀
(Halloween (2013))
TrickEgg TrickHatch TrickHatchMTrickHatchF TrickAdultMTrickAdultF
Honey Maize Dragon ♂♀
(Halloween (2013))
TreatEgg TreatHatch TreatHatchMTreatHatchF Honey Maize MHoney Maize F
Maple Cervus ♂♀
(Thanksgiving (2013))
Maple Cervus egg 0 MapleCervusUngen Thanks male Thanks adult
Krystos Dragon ♂♀
(Winter 2013)
Eggteal Festive s1 S2tealmaleS2tealfem TelmaleTealfem
(*teal shown)
Snowbell Dragon ♂♀
(Christmas (2013))
Snowbell Dragon egg 0 Snowbell Dragon hatchling Snowbell Dragon hatchling mSnowbell Dragon hatchling f Snowbell Dragon adult m  Snowbell Dragon adult f
Chocolate Creme ♂♀
(Valentines (2014))
Chocolate Creme egg 0 Chocolate Creme s1 Chocolate Creme s2 maleChocolate Creme s2 female Chocolate Creme maleChocolate Creme female
Celtic Dragon ♂♀
(St. Patrick's Day (2014))
Celtic Dragon Egg 1 Celtic Dragon Hatch Celtic Dragon M HatchCeltic Dragon F Hatch Celtic Dragon MCeltic Dragon F
Lepus Dragon ♂♀
(Easter (2014))
Lepus dragon egg 0 Lepus dragon s1 Lepus dragon s2 female Lepus dragon adult maleLepus dragon adult female
Aerym Dragon ♂♀
(Independence Day (2014))
Aerym egg 0 Aerym s1 Aerym s2 Aerym adult
Lich Dragon ♂♀
(Halloween (2014))
LichEgg0 LichUngen LichGender LichAdult
Highlands Dragon ♂♀
(Winter (2014))
HighlandsEgg0 HighlandsUngen HighlandsGender HighlandsAdult
Plume Drake ♂♀
(Valentines (2015))
Plume egg0 Plume hatch Plume mature hatch Plume adult


A special breed of egg, these are introduced only through the Shop or Donation. Click a breed name to learn how to obtain it.

Breed Egg Hatchling Adult
Alicorn Alicorn egg 0 Alicorn juv Alicorn
Eventide Silvfox Eventide Silvfox egg 0 Eventide Silvfox kit maleEventide Silvfox kit fem Eventide Silvfox maleEventide Silvfox female
Nemesis Fox Nemesis silvfox egg 0 Nemesis silvfox kit maleNemesis silvfox kit female
Nemesis silvfox male
Nemesis silvfox female
  • Only gray form shown
Rainbow Silvfox Rainbow Silvfox egg 0 Rainbow Silvfox kit maleRainbow Silvfox kit female Rainbow Silvfox maleRainbow Silvfox female
Spring Silvfox Spring Silvfox egg 0 Spring Silvfox kit maleSpring Silvfox kit female Spring Silvfox maleSpring Silvfox female
Summer Silvfox Summer silvfox egg 0 Summer silvfox kit maleSummer silvfox kit female Summer silvfox maleSummer silvfox female
Twilight Silvfox Twilight silvfox egg 0 Twilight silvfox kit male nightTwilight silvfox kit female night Twilight silvfox male nightTwilight silvfox female night*Only night form shown
Winter Silvfox Winterfox egg0 Winterfox hatch maleWinterfox hatch female Winterfox adult maleWinterfox adult female
Yin-Yang Silvfox Yin-yang egg 0 Yin-yang hatch 2 Yin-yang
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