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Dragons in-lair: 12

Corteo is an Admin and spriter for Tale of Dragons. He made his debut with the Zulin Dragons.

He sprited the very first ToD Valentine's Day dragon, and auto-correct likes to call him Cortez.

In-Lair Work

Zulin Dragon Yinyang Lindwyrm

Sertsa Dragon (Val' 13)

Supernova Dragon Ilio Dragon
04c7b074208ef0df37babc994a54678a Yinyang Dragon Sprite Val13Am Bbdaf6b6461e235a6afe0b919faa9413 Ilio am
Sulfur Dragon Fluture Iliya Dragon Mystery Dragon Herald of the El'durath


Sulfr Morpho fluture Iliya adult Unknown dragon adult male Herald of Eldurath adult
Raga Dragon Coffee Dragon Glowtail Dragon
Raga dragon male 1 Coffee Adult Glowtail dragon female green