Dragons arranged by release date.


28 dragons were discovered in 2012.

Original Breeds

Tuxedo Dragon, Cow Amphiptere Dragon, Bastet Dragon

March, 2012

22nd: False-Headed Wyrm
23rd: Sundown Dragon
25th: Aqua Dragon
26th: Dragonfly Dragon
29th: Marsupial Springer Dragon
31st: Pollen Pygmy

April, 2012

9th: Sun-Up Dragon
11th: Cake Dragon

May, 2012

3rd: Main Coon Dragon
26th: Red Velvet Pygmy
27th: Nemesis Dragon

June, 2012

10th: Periwinkle Dragon
28th: Canvas Glider & Shadow Dragon

July, 2012

22nd: Undine Amphithere

August, 2012

9th: Glowyrm Pygmy
12th: Opalescent Dragon (Donation)

September, 2012

9th: Azure Assault
11th: Liberty Dragon (9/11 Dragon (2012))
29th: Glory Storm Dragon

October, 2012

28th: Corpse Dragon (Halloween (2012))

November, 2012

2nd: Lotus Dragon
18th: Grace Giver Dragon (Thanksgiving (2012))

December, 2012

17th: Jingle Bell Dragon (Christmas (2012))
28th: Frosted Holly Dragon


71 dragons were discovered in 2013.

January, 2013

1st: Fireworks Lindwyrm (New Year's)
2nd: Comet Breaker Amphithere, Galaxy Diver Lindwyrm and Starweaver Dragon
17th: Twilight Dragon
28th: Salamandrake
29th: Zulin Dragon

February, 2013

6th: Yinyang Lindwyrm (Donation)
14th: Sertsa Dragon (Valentines (2013))
15th: Loveletter Dragon (Valentines (2013))
24th: Supernova Dragon
27th: Stagnum Hydra and Ilio Dragon

March, 2013

1st: Sulfur Dragon
8th: Ocean Serpent and Phoenix Dragon
12th: Prismatic Dragon (Donation)
17th: Tadh Dragon and Seamair la Augury (St. Patrick's Day (2013))
18th: Bronze Dragon, Silver Dragon and Gold Dragon
20th: Siberian Dragon

April, 2013

1st: Easter Lily Dragon (Easter (2013))
4th: Alayi Oceane (Donation)
7th: Meteor Dwarf released in secret.
13th: Solar Emperor and Lunar Empress

May, 2013

1st: Celebration Dragon (Tale's Anniversary)
7th: Apis Eastern Dragon
12th: Limewing Pygmy, Lilac Pygmy and Dwarf Lady Dragon (Mother's Day part I)
14th: Heartsease Dragon, Carnation Dragon, Speckled Pupworm and Dwarf Alstroemeria Dragon (Mother's Day part II)
22nd: Flutures
24th: Dracicorn (Donation)
26th: Furnace Drake

June, 2013

3rd: Iliya Dragon, Mystery Dragon 
15th: Typheret Dragon
21st: Horai Dragon (Donation) & Quicksilver Lindwyrm
30th: Keystone Dragon

July, 2013

4th: Freespirit Dragon (Independence Day (2013))
6th: Philosophia Dragon
22nd: Swallowtail Fluture released in secret.
24th: Tanis Wyvern & Painted Thorn Back
28th: Lightfire Dancer Pygmy (Festival of Lights (2013))

August, 2013

18th: Adversary Dragon (Donation), Dwarf Hinoari Dragon
30th: Toxidermis Dragon

September, 2013

3rd: Globe Dragon (Donation)
4th: Crystal Dragon (Donation), Donation Dragon (Donation)
6th: Blazing Wyvern
13th: Shenlong Dragon and Tianlong Dragon

October, 2013

20th: Quetzal Dragon
23rd: Tri-Colored Dragon 
27th: Honey Maize Dragon and Deatheater Dragon (Halloween (2013))

November, 2013

15th: Boundary Dragon 
26th: Maple Cervus (Thanksgiving 2013)

December, 2013

6th: Sakura Eastern
7th: Herald of the El'durath (Quest)
13th: Conquest Dragon (Donation)
14th: Krystos Dragon (Winter 2013)
21st: Snowbell Dragon (Christmas 2013)


January, 2014

9th January, 2014: Cibola Dragon (Donation)
11th January, 2014: Savannesque Forerunner (100th breed)

February, 2014

1st February, 2014: Alt potions for Carnation Dragon
14th February, 2014: Chocolate Creme (Valentine's Day 2014)
21st February, 2014: Crow Dragon (Donation)

March, 2014

6th March, 2014: Raga Dragon
16th March, 2014: Seachain Dragon (Donation)
17th March, 2014: Celtic Dragon
21st March, 2014: Raptordragon
31st March, 2014: Painted Darter Pygmy

April, 2014

10th April, 2014: War Dragon (Donation)
16th April, 2014: Easter series of Nemesis (Donation)
19th April, 2014: Lepus Dragon

May, 2014

2nd May, 2014: Tethys Dragon
8th May, 2014: Foxfire Dragon (Donation)
11th May, 2014: Rose Dragon
12th May, 2014: Nemesis Silvfox (Donation)
15th May, 2014: Alicorn (Donation), Pink Nemesis Silvfox (Donation), Coffee Dragon
16th May, 2014: Rainbow Silvfox (Donation)
29th May, 2014: Spring Silvfox (Donation)

June, 2014

5th June, 2014: Aurora Dragon
15th June, 2014: Eventide Silvfox (Donation)
16th June, 2014: Glowtail Dragon released in secret.
28th June, 2014: Summer Silvfox
29th June, 2014: Staccato Dragon

July, 2014

4th July, 2014: Aerym Dragon
10th July, 2014: Twilight Silvfox, Leviathan Dragon (Donation), Famine Dragon (Donation)
18th July, 2014: Black-Collared Wyvern

August, 2014

3rd August, 2014: Aurora Drake
13th August, 2014: Forest Scalecat

September, 2014

6th September, 2014: Souleater
11th September, 2014: Hellhound (Donation)

October, 2014

3rd October, 2014: Spectral Dragon
11th October, 2014: Bat Dragon (Donation)

November, 2014

2nd November, 2014 Lich Dragon (Halloween 2014)

December, 2014

28th November, 2014 Highlands Dragon (Winter 2014)


January, 2015

28th January, 2015 Selyanth (Donation Dragon)
29th January, 2015 Silvdragons
30th January, 2015 Winter Silvfox

February, 2015

8th February, 2015 Goldbacked Dragon
14th February, 2015 Plume Drake
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