The Dragon Shop is one of the on site stores that require the use of Dragon Coins in order to purchase goods. As the name suggests, this particular store sells dragon eggs that are unobtainable in the main lair.

On May 27, 2012, the Dragon Shop gained its first purchasable egg.

Shop Inventory

Egg Breed Description Price Note
Trade Ticket (Retired) Buy this item to use to trade dragons. Since the trade center does not allow members to just pay for dragons you want, you can trade a dragon for this ticket and dragon coins. 5 No longer used but can still be bought; does not show on lair.
Nemesis Dragon Egg Nemesis This dark egg has stripes on it. 20500 Not Breedable
Comet Breaker Comet Breaker This blazing hot egg is shining with different colors. 12000 Part of the Spacial Trio
Galaxy Galaxy Diver This egg is slippery and covered in bizarre patterns of color. 12000 Part of the Spacial Trio
Starweaver Dragon Starweaver This dark colored egg is lined with waves and spots of light. 12000 Part of the Spacial Trio
GSegg1 Glory Storm This egg has a striking marking. 14000
Typheret dragon egg 0 Typheret This colorful egg is decorated with mesmerizing patterns. 15000
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