Easter 2013 became available on March 20th, 2013. Various items appear around the site which are generated after a certain amount of time. A basket is unlocked for customization after obtaining the first 5 items. The first of these items needed to unlock the event is obtained simply by visiting the site after the event was announced.

Plastic eggs also randomly appeared after a certain amount of time and they contained random items inside.

Easter 2013 Badge

Regular Contributors
Easter 2013 user Easter 2013 contributor

This badge was given to attendees of the event who recieved the first 5 items and unlocked basket customization. 


These cards appear on your page and represent items collected. They are generated after a certain amount of time. The cards were designed by Nite_Spriter, Rhynn, Metal_Beak and Corteo.

Easter Grass Plushie Golden Egg
Card1 Card2 Card3
Ribbon Wicker String Five items collected
Card4 Card5 Finalcard
Plastic Egg Decorative Egg
Card egg Card egg2

Items to Unlock

Five different items are originally needed to unlock the basket customization ability. They were made by Nite_Spriter and Rhynn.

Easter Grass Plushie Golden Egg Ribbon Wicker String
Easter grass green Nemesis plush male Goldenegg zpse8a2dfb0 Ribbons zps5e3b2be8 Wicker zps30d1fd66

Collectible Items

Plastic Eggs

Plastic eggs usually contain items when opened though some are empty. They can contain anything from 5-94 Dragon coins new, alt potions or food. Some event specific items such as Clover Elixirs can also be found rarely. Plastic eggs are dropped at random intervals, not related to the main drop in the lair. The eggs were designed by Birdzareboomin.

EasterEggRedEasterEggRedOpen EasterEggRedorangeEasterEggRedOrangeOpen EasterEggOrangeEasterEggOrangeOpen EasterEggYellowEasterEggYellowOpen EasterEggGreenEasterEggGreenOpen EasterEggDarkGreenEasterEggDarkGreenOpen EasterEggLightBlueEasterEggLightBlueOpen EasterEggBlueEasterEggBlueOpen EasterEggPurpleEasterEggPurpleOpen EasterEggPinkishPurpleEasterEggPinkishPurpleOpen
Plastic eggs

Plastic eggs being opened.


These are Easter items which drop once every half hour alongside a plastic egg. Collected eggs can be viewed by click ing the "View my egg collection" option on the Easter basket page, and can be placed in the Easter Basket by opening the pulldown menu on the Easter page and clicking the picture of the egg that you want to put into the nest.

Themes: Angry Birds, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Goldfish, Sherlock, Twilight
RedangrybirdeggPink bird egg86e62dbd3dcf00216dc550a65f9d802a43514366408cd62d57f1b47c2a2bdd785b30797f9feb5d060bffa1d872fd90bc33d227dd7a36196e9b29fe503f6163daF90ae40cee1d094ee3c5349e1a6516c64b84694df3cf417e3180a9d8b2930769

2efddc303702fc9d9b02c740796f4386Pokeballegg Greatballegg 53967542fbcd8c30a958c53f3cf1eead Master ball eggF5d2a970d975fb46a1be7908b29e0c03Slow down egg94ed60632e7f09573a733778ebe14cf9Ea1972b1ffbabb5560ae3ed0e0ab17ecF75cd3811b46cbecc043cb0ae5dc509e 83f853332fe418443d6472a3b724ea59

Themes: Touhou
Themes: Generic Easter Eggs
Salmon easter eggC9bd0110fe4403055e4eefe233f5a97eF3bc6a31ce99eba967c93b19c350bccfA822683011420172661ab954590ec1be13ada2ef746483d95ff23fdff1ec028e

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Themes: Filigree, Natural Scene

Egg pattern purple E0b13b800f8db2587ecc628bb5aaed83Filigree6-MysfyttPatterned swirl easter eggEgg pattern greenFiligree1-Mysfytt8310a3959484059833341a38b56cb721 Egg white
Goldfish egg 786aa9130e8f504f5051fae96696f78e  8f4e2bb64218263781ef7d30c0979c0261bb1ee8c8d79176e7d912feefa5fca5Dolphinegg-mysfytt

Themes: Filigree, Sparkle, Fabergé


Themes: Sunset, Dragon, Night sky
Themes: Filigree and Fabergé
Themes: Yellow Pink Rose, Golden

Ee984dc5db9144128219eb8bce8f8f3fGoldenegg1 nite

Themes: Splatters, Lines
Themes: Borg Ship, Death Star, Avatar the Last Airbender
167f6a4d7e8ab532fa4b1b633c895c35DEATH STAR EGG BOOMAvatar-garnet
Themes: Ocean, Okami, Crystal, Dusky Dolphin, Sunset Moth

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Themes: Sparkles


Themes: Floral
Themes: Cheshire Cat


Themes: OC



This feature allows a player to put colorful sprites of various tasty treats into his or her Easter Basket. The candies are available from a pulldown menu beneath the basket on the Easter page, and can be placed into the basket by clicking on their images.

Tiki & Nite_Spriter
Peep blue lPeep blue RPeep oddblue lPeep oddblue rPeep orangePeep orangeRPeep pink lPeep pink rPeep yellow lPeep yellow rPeep green lPeep green R
Peepbunny bluePeepbunny funnybluePeepbunny greenPeepbunny orangePeepbunny pinkPeepbunny yellow
7401a8372d59b80557aaf646fd5b18b39bf7386d58a21ee7ca1117f0cfbbaea72ef0972823d666d447891b6f3b9e0339A3cc7c172040ee203a902d3ec76d8672Cd5b73fd760e91d3d9b4edd98fe2c391395e9ef5e6e4982ef986477aab9ef2068e606972d3a38edb1a4e64eb4358673154087f3edf1b2a5f2b6273cf81f21146Bbf5a70c9418028f5feeccc438e208d57c36b7edb1e5c703fc1df29e11630361083eaf94d5c13ae1ac153381ccfb4a7790e83edbaade091bd1b736ac63a239c6CandyChoco bunny leftChoco bunny rightMoustache rabbitWhite choco bunny leftWhite choco bunny riht
Eggs pale 1Iaza19189420955200flippedEggs dark 1Iaza19189431701400flipped
Raistardragon & Mysfytt


These are items which a user who has unlocked his or her Easter Egg Basket may use to customize that feature. Decorations include an array of moveable sprites of different types of Easter grass, stuffed animals, and nest bases (bedding). They can be dragged onto your basket.

Nite_Spriter, Raistardragon & Psykotika Nite_Spriter Rhynn, Tiki & Nite_Spriter
GrassgreenBIG1GrassaquaBIG1GrassgoldenBIG1GrassstrawberryBIG1GrasssilverwhiteBIG1GrassvioletBIG1 GrassnormalGrassaquaGrassstrawberryGrasspurpleGrassygoldenGrasswhitesilver Nemesis plush maleNemesis dragon plushie easter 2 female Nite rhynnEasterLamb5 tikiAsdfasfgdaxdcfsasxs