This page lists all eggs along with their image, breed name and description. The dragons are arranged by body structure with the exception of Donation dragons and Event dragons, see breed list for more detailed information on dragons and their body types.


Egg Description Breed
Cow egg This egg is white with black spots. Cow Amphiptere
7a7d56a2a7ce31466472b520a56f4e44 This egg is a brilliant green. Quetzals

This egg reminds you of the ocean.

Undine Amphithere


Egg Description Breed
Canvas Glider egg 0

This egg is rather plain.

Canvas Glider


Egg Description Breed
Aurora drake egg 0 This egg has a mysterious glowing aura. Aurora Drake
Coffee Egg 1 A cup full of coffee. Its moving ever slightly. Coffee Dragon
Furn This egg feels very hot inside. Furnace Drake
Meteor Dwarf egg 1 This egg is small and purple. Meteor Dwarf

This egg has bright orange spots.

Shadow redux egg 1

This egg blends in with the shadows.

Speckled Pupworm egg 0 This egg is lightly speckled. Speckled Pupworm Dragon
Hydraegg.gif This green egg is made of slime. Stagnum Hydra
Sundown egg This egg glows like the sun. Sundown
SecGSunupEgg This egg glows like the morning sky. Sun-Up


Egg Description Breed
Apis eastern egg 0 This dark egg seems to be rocking back and forth. Apis Eastern Dragon
Boundary dragon egg 0 This scaly egg looks normal but... Boundary Dragon
Glowtail dragon egg 0 This egg has bright stripes. Glowtail Dragon
Sakura Eastern egg 0 This brown egg is nestled in flowering branches. Sakura Eastern Dragon
ShenlongEgg This blue egg is partially hidden by dark clouds. Shenlong Dragon
TianlongEgg This egg is a brilliant gold color. Tianlong Dragon
Shimmeregg This egg shimmers in the light. Twilight


Egg Description Breed
Aqua 2 This egg is wet to the touch. Aqua
Mothers day 2 egg 2 This egg is nestled among flowers. Carnation Dragon
Dragonfly egg This egg is covered in tiny green scales. Dragonfly
Dwarf LadyDragon egg 0 This small yellow egg is stuck to a leaf. Dwarf Lady Dragon
Mothers day 2 egg 3 This egg is slightly greasy. Heartsease Dragon


Egg Description Breed
E8a74a78fb18d2504380eeb4bfee97a7 This egg is completely round. Ocean Serpent
Tethys egg 1 The slimy coating on this egg makes your hand feel weirdly numb. Tethys Dragon


Egg Description Breed
Quicksilver Lindwyrm egg 0 This egg seems to melt a little when you touch it. Quicksilver Lindwyrm


Egg Description Breed
5e645c43f0931a10700555e5148136b0 This small egg emits a dull glow. Glowyrm Pygmy
Lilac pygmy egg 0 This tiny egg gives off a pleasant scent. Lilac Pygmy
Limewing pygmy egg 0 This tiny egg has a sour, green marking. Limewing Pygmy
Pollen egg This egg is covered in yellow dust. Pollen Pygmy
35velvetegg This small egg smells sweet. Red Velvet Pygmy


Egg Description Breed
Aurora dragon egg 0 This dark egg sometimes seems to shimmer with radiant color. Aurora Dragon
BlueEgg This is a large blue egg. Azure Assault
Bastet egg redux2 This egg resembles antique gold. Bastet
Bronze Egg This egg is a shimmering bronze. Bronze Dragon
Cake egg 1 This egg has a sweet aroma. Cake
C dragon egg 0 This egg is sitting on a colorful braided nest. Celebration Dragon
Dwarf hinoari 0 This emerald egg has will-o'-the-wisps floating around it. Dwarf Hinoari Dragon
D32ff2d7eb32556638fde06d3a5000692bbabaafff660dd38f0e5a16b426629a2a34cec24c26a45b11aa4647a4997eec571ae67d55c8d97582d8896e01101e3fSwallow tail fluture egg 0 This egg is extremely light and has a [color] tint. Fluture
B54f734551854630a26b99f61b097043 This frosted egg is nestled in evergreens. Frosted Holly
Gold dragon egg 0 This egg is a glittering gold. Gold Dragon
Staccato dragon egg 0 This egg is a distasteful yellowish color. Gold Staccato Dragon
Goldbacked egg0 This egg is laying in a grassy field. Goldbacked Dragon
Ilio egg The color of this egg is difficult to describe. It seems to shift depending on the lighting. Ilio
Iliya egg 0 This egg is very dull but it constantly changes colors in the light. Iliya Dragon
Lunar Empress egg 0 This egg is glowing with a lunar light. Lunar Empress
Main coon egg This egg feels soft. Main Coon
Marsupial egg redux This egg has odd purple markings. Marsupial Springer
PaintedThornEgg This egg has bright bands around it. Painted Thorn Back
35Egg This egg appears to have a flower on it. Periwinkle
Phoenix dragon egg 0 This egg feels like it's burning. Phoenix
Raga dragon 0 This egg is extremely plain. Raga Dragon
Raptordragon Egg 1 This egg is covered in sand. Raptordragon
Rose egg This green egg smells sweet.

Rose Dragon

Silv Egg0 This egg smells of foxes. Silvdragons
Staccato dragon silver egg 0 This egg is a simple, plain grey. Silver Staccato Dragon
Silver dragon egg This egg is a dazzling silver. Silver Dragon
Solar Emperor egg 0 This egg is glowing with a solar light. Solar Emperor
Spectral egg 0 This egg seems to be slightly transparent. Spectral Dragon
5c7512c1377c57b6af41b85e9c08a726 This egg smells like sulfur. Sulfur
Toxidermis dragon egg 0 This egg is quite slimy to the touch. Toxidermis Dragon
TriColorEgg This egg is different colors. Tri-Colored Dragon
Tuxedo This black and white egg is slightly shiny. Tuxedo

Feathered Western

Egg Description Breed
Mothers day 2 egg 1 This small warm colored egg is covered in spots. Dwarf Alstroemeria Dragon
Bluepeachegg This blue egg is sitting in a peach grove. Keystone Dragon
8d607ebece8f7ddc5b47f1a47f358d2f There's a flower bud among the eggs. Lotus
Purplefeatheregg This small egg is dark purple, and has downy feathers stuck to the shell. Philosophia
Siberian dragon egg 0 This egg is oddly shaped, resembling a doll. Siberian Dragon
Souleaters egg 0 A rough and unsettling blue egg. Souleater
Mossegg This egg looks like a mossy stone. Zulin

Equine Western

Egg Description Breed
SavRunEgg0 This egg is white with black stripes. Savannesque Forerunner


Egg Description Breed
Fh wyrm egg This egg appears to have two layers of scales on it. False-Headed Wyrm


Egg Description Breed
Black-collared wyvern egg 0 This egg looks poisonous. Black-Collared Wyvern
BlazeEgg0 This chunk of coal reminds you of an egg. Blazing Wyvern
TanisWyveryEgg This sandy egg smells like seawater and is decorated with blue patches. Tanis Wyvern


Shop dragons can be bought using Dragon coins new in the onsite market.

Egg Description Breed
Comet Breaker This blazing hot egg is shining with different colors. Comet Breaker
Galaxy This egg is slippery and covered in bizarre patterns of color. Galaxy Diver
GSegg1 This egg has a striking marking. Glory Storm
Nemesis Dragon Egg This dark egg has stripes on it Nemesis
Painted Darter pygmy egg 0 This small egg is coloured in red and black. Painted Darter Pygmy
Starweaver Dragon This dark colored egg is lined with waves and spots of light. Starweaver
Typheret dragon egg 0 This colorful egg is decorated with mesmerizing patterns. Typheret


These eggs can only be obtained through special means. Click a breed's name to learn how to obtain it.

Egg Description Breed
Herald of El'durath egg 0 This cold, crystalline object pulses with life. An egg appears to be laid within. Herald of the El'durath
Mystery egg This egg is quite beautiful and colorful. Mystery Dragon
Supernova Dragon Egg This enormous egg pulsates with an intense fusion of burning energy. Supernova
Swallow tail fluture egg 0 This egg is extremely light and has a yellow tint. Swallow Tail Future


These eggs do not drop in the main lair and can only be obtained through a real-money donation to the site.

Egg Description Breed
Adversary egg 0 This onyx-coloured egg has stripes on it. Adversary
Alayi oceane egg 0 Water ripples in the vicinity of this egg. Alayi Oceane
Bat dragon egg This brown egg is slightly furry. Bat Dragon
Canvas Glider egg 0 SA This egg is rather plain. Canvas Glider (Spriter's Alt)
Cibola dragon egg 0 This black egg is veined with rich gold. Cibola Dragon
Conquest Dragon egg 0 A vile mist swirls around this egg. Conquest
Crow Dragon egg 0 This egg is a weird purple. Crow
1 crystal egg This egg is very light. Crystal
Donation dragon egg This red egg has 'donat plz' scrawled across it in white. Donation
Donation dragon 5 egg 0 This white egg's shell is silky smooth and almost soft. Dracicorn
Famine dragon egg 0 Small grapes are scattered around this egg. Famine
Foxfire dragon egg 0 This egg is littered with glowing flecks. Foxfire
Globe dragon egg This egg is rough and pale white, resembling the moon. Globe
Hellhound egg 0 This egg shakes violently. Hellhound
8a7466ca905e5b7777ecb2d8f0f86bc1 This egg is slightly shiny with gold patterns. Horai
Leviathan dragon egg 0 A heavy, dark green egg. Leviathan
20opalegg This egg shines many different colors. Opalescent
Rainbow prism egg This egg is very beautiful. Prismatic
Seachain dragon egg 0 This egg was hidden in a pool of water. Seachain
War Dragon egg 0 A heavy egg with a very thick shell. War
Yinyang Dragon Egg This egg gives off an odd feeling that is both conflicting and in balance. Yinyang
Selyanth egg0
This pink and blue egg is wet. Selyanth

Event Exclusive

These eggs were a limited release for a holiday event. Typically these eggs are not available again outside of the year they were introduced, so a Halloween dragon for 2013 will not appear again even when Halloween comes up in 2014. However these dragons can be bred at their respective time of year regardless.

Egg Description Breed
Liberty dragon egg new 0 This egg is decorated with stars and stripes. Liberty
Corpse egg 1 This egg is giving off a repulsive odor. Corpse
Egg This egg looks like the changing leaves. Grace Giver
Wo5OJ This golden egg has strange black markings on it. Jingle Bell
8b8c7d3cf3d8bcf126e39589c0462281 This egg has a shiny marking on it. Fireworks Lindwyrm
Val13c1 This tiny egg smells like a flower. Sertsa
86608212882d75bc6cc37d0d4dcc3c23 This lovely pink egg has a letter resting against it. Loveletter
St patricks day egg 0 This egg has a growth of vegetation around it. Tadh
Clover hunting dragon egg 0 This greenish egg is speckled with gold. Seamair la Augury
Easter lily dragon egg 0 This pale egg has a splash of color. Easter Lily Dragon
Redstripeegg This egg has distinctive red stripes. Freespirit Dragon

This egg gives off a luminescent glow.

Lightfire Dancer Pygmy
TrickEgg This egg is pale and leathery. Deatheater Dragon
TreatEgg This multicolored egg smells very sweet. Honey Maize Dragon
Maple Cervus egg 0 This egg is covered with leaves. Maple Cervus
Eggteal This egg looks festive. Krystos Dragon
Snowbell Dragon egg 0 This creamy egg has a brilliant gold and red marking on its shell. Snowbell Dragon
Chocolate Creme egg 0 This striped egg smells like chocolate. Chocolate Creme
Celtic Dragon Egg 1 A green knot decorates the golden shell of this egg. Celtic Dragon
Lepus dragon egg 0 This small grey egg is covered in brown spots. Lepus Dragon
Aerym egg 0 This egg has three colors. Aerym Dragon
LichEgg0 This egg smells rotten. Lich Dragon
HighlandsEgg0 This egg slightly furry. Highlands Dragon
Plume egg0
This egg is warm and soft. Plume Drake


A special breed of egg paying homage to the old SilvAdopts site, these are introduced only through the Shop or Donation. Click a breed name to learn how to obtain it.

Egg Description Where Breed
Eventide Silvfox egg 0 This black egg bears a skull-like marking. Donate Eventide Silvfox
Nemesis silvfox egg 0 This dark egg has stripes on it. Donate Nemesis Fox
Rainbow Silvfox egg 0 This egg appears to have rainbow markings. Donate Rainbow Silvfox
Spring Silvfox egg 0 This egg has a sweet essence coming from it. Donate Spring Silvfox
Summer silvfox egg 0 This egg resembles a beach. Shop (10,000 Dragon coins new) Summer Silvfox
Twilight silvfox egg 0 This egg sparkles in the half light. Shop (35,000 Dragon coins new) Twilight Silvfox
Winterfox egg0
This egg is buried in the snow. Shop (10,000 Dragon coins new) Winter Silvfox
Yin-yang egg 0 This egg is black with white spots. Donate Yin-Yang Silvfox


Unclassified creatures.

Egg Description Where Breed
Alicorn egg 0 This pretty little egg is hidden by others. Donate Alicorn
Forest scalecat egg This greyish egg has some spots. Donate Forest Scalecat
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