The Festival of Lights of 2013 is a summer event that began on the 26th July, 2013 and ended at the end of the 31st July, 2013. It primarily consisted of a minigame where you collected fireflies to add to your lantern. An illumination value is displayed at the bottom of the page which is an indication of how bright your lantern is. Fireflies (and occasionally other insects) appeared randomly across the site each 10 or so minutes.

Firefly Hunt 2013 Badge

Regular Contributors
Lantern badge Lantern badge contributors

This badge was given to attendees of the event. 


There are 24 fireflies in total to collect, along with 13 other insects. Fireflies are classified by brightness.

Dim Fireflies

Ashywolf Riyoko
Dimfirefly ashywolf (1)Dimfirefly ashywolf (2)Dim firefly 4Dim firefly 5Dim firefly 6Dim firefly 3 Dimfirefly ashywolfriyoko (1)Dimfirefly ashywolfriyoko (2)Dimfirefly ashywolfriyoko (3)Dimfirefly ashywolfriyoko (4)Dimfirefly ashywolfriyoko (5)Dimfirefly ashywolfriyoko (7)Dimfirefly ashywolfriyoko (8)

Bright Fireflies

Bright firefly 1Bright firefly 2Bright firefly 3Bright glowworm 1Bright glowworm 2

Very Bright Fireflies

Ashywolf Riyoko
Vbrightfirefly ashywolf (1)Vbrightfirefly ashywolf (2) Vbrightfirefly ashywolfriyoko (1)Vbrightfirefly ashywolfriyoko (2)Vbrightfirefly ashywolfriyoko (3)

Other Insects

Ashywolf Riyoko Nue
Miscellaneous ashywolf (1)Miscellaneous ashywolf (2)Miscellaneous ashywolf (3)Miscellaneous ashywolf (4)Miscellaneous ashywolf (5)Miscellaneous big ass cranefly ashywolfMiscellaneous big ass moth ashywolf Miscellaneous ashywolfriyokoMiscellaneous nueriyoko Miscellaneous nue

Lightfire Dancer Pygmy

This dragon was released on the 28th July, 2013. It comes in two lair-born forms.

Lightfire Dancer Pygmy Egg Hatchling Mature
Main ♂♀ LFDancerEgg LFDancerHatch LFDancerHatchGen LFDancerAdult
Blue ♂♀ LFDancerHatchB LFDancerHatchGenB LFDancerAdultB

Rainbow Firefly

The rainbow firefly is obtained by clicking the link hidden within the glow on the lair page, though the link is not always present and when it is it often takes you to a fake 404 page. The exact requirements for the link to be present and "correct" is unknown.


Festival of Lights Dragon Costumes

Species Sprite(s)
Apis Eastern Dragon Apis Eastern lights alt silver femaleApis Eastern lights alt silver male
Apis Eastern lights alt gold femaleApis Eastern lights alt gold male
Azure Assault Dragon Azure Assault lights alt femaleAzure Assault lights alt male
Cake Dragon Cake Dragon lights alt femaleCake Dragon lights alt male
Carnation Dragon Carnation Dragon lights alt femaleCarnation Dragon lights alt male
Dwarf Alstroemeria Dragon Dwarf alstroemeria lights alt femaleDwarf alstroemeria lights alt male
Dwarf Ladydragon Dwarf Ladydragon lights alt femaleDwarf Ladydragon lights alt male
Fireworks Lindwyrm Fireworks lights alt femaleFireworks lights alt male
Frosted Holly Dragon Frosted Holly Dragon (FL2013 female)Frosted Holly Dragon (FL2013 male)
Furnace Drake Furnace drake lights alt femaleFurnace drake lights alt male
Keystone Dragon Keystone dragon lights alt femaleKeystone dragons lights alt male
Philosophia Dragon Philosophia dragon lights alt
Quicksilver Lindwyrm Quicksilver lindwyrm lights alt femaleQuicksilver lindwyrm lights alt male
Red Velvet Pygmy Red velvet lights alt femaleRed velvet lights alt male
Seamair la Augury Seamair la augury lights alt femaleSeamair la augury lights alt male
Silver Dragon Silver Dragon (FL2013 female)Silver Dragon (FL2013 male)