This information relates to the new forum shop, for the old see Forum Shop (Old).

The Forum Shop is a forum-only feature where you can spend points (not to be confused with trophy points) on small adoptables. Forum purchases are purely for decoration, appearing under the user's signature once they have have been checked from your inventory. When the forums were reworked this new shop appeared.

Point System

The forum shop runs on a point system. Points are gained through forum activity, and can be spent on various little decorative baubles. You can earn points by:

  • For Registering for the Forum (+50)
  • Creating a new thread (+20)
  • Creating a Poll (+15)
  • Replying to a thread (+10)
  • Voting in a poll (+5)
  • Whenever people reply to your thread (+2 per reply)
  • For Private messaging (+1 per PM)
  • For visiting the forum (+0.10)
  • For rating other users (+0.05)
  • For long posts (+0.01 per character in your post meaning a post with 1000 words would be an additional 10 points)

Purchasable Decorations

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