The Frosted Holly Dragon was released on December 28, 2012. It only breeds and drops during the winter half of the year, and is considered a semi-event dragon.

Rarity: Uncommon
Colors: green, white

Offical Descriptions

Egg icon Egg
This frosted egg is nestled in evergreens.
Hatchling icon Hatchling
With a creak and a crack, the egg pops open! The newborn dragon smells like fresh evergreens.
Hatchling s2 icon Mature Hatchling
This baby dragon smells like fresh evergreens. It's getting stronger every day and now has frost all over its body!
Adult icon Adult
Frosted Holly Dragons are only found around the coldest time of the year. Hiding in the thick evergreen forests these dragons feast on evergreen trees and holly berries. As the New Year rolls around, the breeding of these dragons happen. Since their eggs end up covered in frost, this makes the eggs vulnerable to predators. Being very protective, they will stop at nothing to make sure their precious little ones can survive the harsh winter conditions.

Sprite Artists


Series Egg Hatchling Mature
Male B54f734551854630a26b99f61b097043 5df8583f7bbba19334ae0b875155f486 3e8b2b1091d2b34a2cf013058967355c 384b7a3d77c242205119a528bbd21d94
Female 2e104f36997b88628e6973134b9dd85a 9cf463f67e5b71c678f4abefb8024614

Alternate Forms

Form Requirement Dragon
Spriter's Alt Pallette art Abab61c4a4c7953274ddac33c5a81e471274556df57042c09d8229202a16a7b2

Frosts2femhatchiemyalt 8d856a3a288bbf957db3ecf93e88adb0Ebba22df1b81434a354caf246a6eea7e

Spriter's Alt Pallette art 9d83b5bd932b4c44eac5038e770e6bb3

28aaba3ba82b1fc1249da54f46a409f2 Frosts2femhatchiealt 18c97dfc4c5fc80015e98a67d106dc56 B09bbbddc9d365cb77582200e33a07df


Halloween '12 Valentine's '13 St. Patrick's Day '13 and '14 Festival of Lights (2013)
Did not participate. Frosted Holly Dragon (V2013 male)Frosted Holly Dragon (V2013 female) Frosted Holly Dragon (SP2013 male)Frosted Holly Dragon (SP2013 female) Frosted Holly Dragon (FL2013 male)Frosted Holly Dragon (FL2013 female)

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Other Sprites

Valentine's 2013 misc.

Hatching Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Frosted Holly dragon egg 1
Frosted Holly dragon egg 2
Frosted Holly dragon egg 3