The Furnace Drake was released on the 26th May, 2013 due to Silver's boredom.

Official Descriptions

Egg icon Egg
This egg feels very hot inside.
Hatchling icon Hatchling
With a creak and a crack, the egg pops open! The newborn dragon has hard scales that emit high temperatures.
Hatchling s2 icon Mature Hatchling
This baby dragon has hard scales that emit high temperatures. It’s getting stronger every day and seems to be shedding its skin.
Adult icon Adult
Furnace Drakes are named for the manner in which their skin is shed. As their skin cracks heat can be seen from the new skin underneath. Their core body temperatures are very high, allowing them to endure cold environmental conditions. This high body temperature also causes frequent shedding of their skin. As young drakes develop, their saliva becomes a molten liquid to aid in digestion of tough prey most likely encountered in volcanic regions. Once they reach adulthood, these drakes master an ability to project this saliva for defense.



Series Egg Hatchling Mature
Male Furn Cee0562aea84a48c922ffc99525951ca F019ffec496b396901f238cb1b1ab222 33bb517b56966e80cf7c03fafea0ab36
Female 802ee08c20b95094ca7b580f53f7a89a A665686d0283e293263b8e269069ec85
Festival of Lights '13 St. Patrick's Day
Furnace drake lights alt maleFurnace drake lights alt female Furnace-mFurnace-f

Hatching Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3