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Garnetrising, occasionally known around the interwebs as Briah, is a spriter for Tale Of Dragons. She was recruited by SilverDragonTears from DragCave after seeing a few examples of her work. In an effort to keep herself occupied, she generally has at least one main project and a side project lined up for future use. She has been known to become significantly less active during the month of November as she participates in NanoWrimo. But if you need to get in touch with her, she's probably still stalking the IRC chatroom. Even if she's just the only one in there.

She has submitted her application to become a resident of Flaravia and it has been accepted. Flare also gave her a mansion - it only cost her two days a week of community service. She believes in having interesting conversations with interesting people - primarily in the form of the voices in her head. She's also sure that there is more interesting information that she could put here but she can't think of anything right now. You can spot her easily by her excessive use of the emote: <3 .

In-Lair Work

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