A glitch refers to any form of mishap or error that may occur, some more interesting than others. Most glitches are usually remedied.

Crossdressing Bastets

This glitch occured when the bastets were given dimorphism (the male sprite was added).

For some reason, not all male sprites updated to the new version, thus resulting in males with the female sprite.

Jackal was noted to be glitched by the user, but upon request, the admin left him glitched after fixing this bug, though it is unknown if other crossdressing dragons exist.

Hidden Dragons

This glitch, on March 4th, 2013, created adult dragons and hatchlings which showed a hidden egg sprite
Glitch hidden egg

Examples of the Hidden Dragon glitch.

instead of the regular dragon sprite.

This was due to eggs being feedable when they were hidden, and since hatchlings and adults could not be hidden they remained this way.

This glitch was later fixed and the dragons fixed to be their proper sprite, and no known glitched dragons remain.

Hidden < The 'hidden egg' sprite.

Frozen Adults

This glitch is when hatchlings are frozen just before maturing.

Frozen alt phoenix

Incorrect genders/influecing

Some breeds that can only become one gender accidentally turn the wrong gender during their release due to the male/female coding not being added to the species, creating female ilios and more.

Liberty Dragon

A few male Liberty Dragons once existed, though nearly all have been "fixed" to their correct gender.

Ilio Dragon

Though intended to always be a male-only breed, some early Ilio Dragons gendered female by accident. Such dragons are now male, but a few offspring from Ilio "pairs" remain.

Solar Emperor and Lunar Empress

Some Solar Emperors turned female and some Lunar Empresses turned male and were influenceable to these genders for a while after their release.


Flutures could become naturally or be influenced into their opposite gender during the first day of their release.

Monarch fluture glitch