The Halloween Event of 2012 started 10/28/2012 with the release of the Corpse Dragon as well as many of the currently available dragons dressing up in costumes. As the days passed, a few more dragons dressed up and joined in the festivities for a total of 11 alts appearing in the lairs. 

Two poems were also included in annoucements.

Corpse Dragon

Corpse egg 1 -> Corpse hatch -> Corpse male hatch / Corpse fem hatch -> Corpse Dragon redux / Corpse adult fem

Corpse dragons are a rare and strange breed of creature. Their skin does not receive a proper blood supply, making it die and tear quickly and easily, revealing the pink fleshy muscle underneath as it grows and moves. Their muscles are tough despite their fragile skin, though their bone encased tail is this breed's most dangerous weapon. Corpse dragons play dead, their bodies giving off an odor thanks to their rotting skin that attracts scavengers. They strike once the prey draws too close, lashing out with their deadly teeth and tail. Their young carry a particularly strong odor due to the 'freshness' of their skin that is a deterrent for most predators. Young corpse dragons are more likely to be seen airborne than elder ones, mainly because their wings often become too tattered to get proper lift as they age.

Halloween Dragon Costumes

Species Costume Sprite(s)
Azure Assault Dragon Demons

Halloween Azure Assault female Halloween Azure Assault male

Bastet Dragon Anubis

Halloween Bastet femaleHalloween Bastet male

Cake Dragon Candycorn

Halloween Cake female Halloween Cake male

Canvas Glider

Día de
los Muertos
(day of
the dead)

Canvas Glider (H2012 female)Canvas Glider (H2012 male)
Dragonfly Dragon Devils Halloween Dragonfly female Halloween Dragonfly male
False-Headed Wyrm Vampires Halloween False Headed female Halloween False Headed male
Glowyrm Pygmy Mystics Halloween Glowyrm female Halloween Glowyrm male
Marsupial Springer Dragon Zombies Halloween Marsupial Springer female Halloween Marsupial Springer male
Periwinkle Dragon Angels Halloween Periwinkle female Halloween Periwinkle male
Shadow Dragon Spirits Shadow Dragon (H2012 female) Shadow Dragon (H2012 male)
Undine Amphithere Phantom
of the Opera
Halloween Undine female Halloween Undine male


Both poems were written by Marsi / Raistardragon for the announcement of the Event and the Halloween Release.

TOD Halloween 2012

"Eye of newt, pickled feet

Croak of toad, Polly's tweet

Werewolf fur, poker cheat

Caster oil, wheat, beet, heat!"

Bump In The Night

"Bump in the night

Time for the fright

Shadows in flight

Pumpkins alight

Monsters invite

Costumes beam bright

Spooky delight

Hooray for Midnight!"

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