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Dragons in-lair: 8

Hawaiianbabidoll is a Tale of Dragons artist and Sprite critiquer. She is more commonly known as Kit. Kit was recruited by SilverKitsune to create sprites for Silvadopts, and eventually decided to make a few sprite sets for Tale of Dragons as well.

Kit has a tendency to disappear from the forum for months at a time, only to reappear randomly some time later. The time she stays active varies and can be as little as a few days. She is responsible for many of the early potion sprites in the alt shop, as well as the digital art featured in the Alt Bastet banner and the Fourth of July Event banner.

Kit possess a glitched Alt bastet name Jackal. Despite being male, it displays the female sprite. Since she created the breed, the site admin has left the glitch at her request. Kit has a not so secret wish that the offspring of this glitched dragon will one day be valued for lineage projects.

In-Lair Work

Bastet Dragon False-Headed Wyrm


Dragonfly Dragon

(Egg and Alt)

Marsupial Springer Dragon Shadow Dragon
Bastet male redux Fh wyrm recolor Dragonfly eggDragfly alt Marsupial dragon redux Shadow redux
Corpse Dragon Phoenix Dragon Winter silvfox

Corpse adult fem

Phoenix dragon male Winterfox adult male