Independance Day was a small event that ran for a few days around July 4th, 2013.  During this time, theFreespirit Dragon was available from the main lair with the description "This egg has distinctive red stripes."  The Freespirit Dragon is decorated with the same colors of the American flag.

Freespirit Dragon

Redstripeegg -> Redstripehatch -> RedstripehatchM -> Redstripeadult

Freespirit Dragons are fiercely independent creatures. These proud and glorious dragons will do anything within their power to retain their freedom, and thus it’s nearly impossible to tame them. However, despite their stubbornly self-reliant natures, these dragons love the company of others as long as their boundaries are respected. Although rarely spotted in captivity, it’s possible to earn the friendship of a Freespirit Dragon if raised from a hatchling as long as the owner remembers to treat them as a companion and not a piece of property.