The so-called "Mystery" Dragons were "released" on the 3rd June, 2013 when Iliya Dragons were made available.

They are obtained by breeding Ilio Dragons with Iliya Dragons. Not much is known about them, and they are the first hybrid dragon. They come with a free rabbit.

Official Descriptions

Egg icon Egg
This egg is quite beautiful and colorful
Hatchling icon Hatchling
With a creak and a crack, the egg pops open! This dragon can't decide what color to be.
Hatchling s2 icon Mature Hatchling
This dragon has finally decided on a color. It is quite active.
Adult icon Adult
Not much is known about this dragon... it's tale has yet to be told.



Series Egg Hatchling Mature
Male Mystery egg New hatchling blue New hatchling male Unknown dragon adult male
Female Mystery dragon white s2 Mystery dragon female adult

Hatching Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Mystery egg
Mystery egg crack
Mystery egg crack2
New egg blue stage3