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Dragons in-lair: 18

Nite_Spriter is one of the artists and a co-admin of the Tale of Dragons site.

In-Lair Work

Glowyrm Pygmy

(New Sprites)

Frosted Holly Dragon Bronze Dragon


Silver Dragon


Gold Dragon


Fc9bcf9b072bd04188f62d97f9fd94cf 384b7a3d77c242205119a528bbd21d94 Bronzedragon level 0 Silverdragon0 Golddragon0
Apis Eastern Dragon

(Egg, Adults)

Dwarf Ladydragon Dwarf Alstroemeria Dragon

(Egg, Adult)


(Egg, Adult)

Keystone Dragon

(Egg, Hatchlings)

Apis eastern egg 0Apis eastern adult male

5287e5ff6f110d705de0e9fd1f77fa4e Mothers day 2 egg 1C799d9fe8adc54290f3f1ca72d096b37 Donation dragon 5 egg 0E15b99e519ddfd00d4c43bcb4c8ff874


Painted Thorn Back


Adversary Dragon


Dwarf Hinoari Dragon

(Egg, Adult)

Shenlong Dragon


Honey Maize Dragon
PaintedThornEgg Adversary dragon Dwarf hinoari 0Dwarf hinoari male ShenlongDragon Egg 1 Honey Maize M
Sakura Eastern Dragon


Celtic Dragon Lepus Dragon
Sakura Eastern egg 0 Celtic Dragon M Lepus dragon adult male

Art Work

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