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Dragons in-lair: 11

Nue is an Artist for Tale Of Dragons. She is rather odd, as while she is quite serious while posting, she refers to herself in third-person on the shoutbox, and will rant about youkai magicians for 3 minutes when asked for personal information. Nonetheless, her main strength when spriting is to produce things of a similar quality to other artists very, very quickly... when she is motivated. She will always custom-shade eggs if she doesn't leave them to someone else to do.

Mima from Touhou is her waifu.

She claims to be a youkai, and has yet to be proven wrong. She has four spriter's alts, a male green Dracicorn with the code Lyoko, a female green Dracicorn with the code Yokai, a female pink Horai Dragon with the code lunar , and a female blue Donation Dragon with the code Sanae .

Under artist credits, Nue uses the name TheCompleteAnimorph.

In Lair Work

Dwarf Alstroemeria Dragon Dracicorn Horai Dragon Keystone Dragon Freespirit Dragon
1f5066bde3f3b8537c98f7dd78b3e396 E15b99e519ddfd00d4c43bcb4c8ff874 Horai dragon BluepeachadultM Redstripeadult
Philosophia Dragon Dwarf Hinoari Dragon Donation Dragon Boundary Dragon Sakura Eastern
Purplefeatheradult Dwarf hinoari male Donation dragon adult BoundaryAdult Sakura Eastern white male
Foxfire Dragon
Foxfire dragon