Pallette artRaistardragon (Marsi)
Dragons in-lair: 8

Raistardragon (otherwise known as Marsi) is a Tale of Dragons and Silvadopts artist. She was recruited by SilverKitsune/Silver/SilverDragonTears to create sprites for Tale of Dragons and Silvadopts. Marsi has a passion for art, especially when it comes to dragons (which is why she is excited to sprite for both sites.) As a professional artist Marsi enjoys creating fantasy-based artwork. In her free time she enjoys sketching, critiquing, spriting and brainstroming new requests for the site or roleplaying her dragons. She has been creating pixel art for different sites for the last 10+ years.

Marsi's first lair release was the Canvas Glider, which was released July 2012 which has one of her favorite spriter alts. She has also started the tradition of writing stories or poems for the new releases, starting with the Halloween Event 2012.

Marsi enjoys good food, sweets, and ice cream. A few of her favorite things include the color purple, the night sky, the Disney movie The Lion King, and traveling to other countries.

Raistardragon's In-lair Work

Canvas Glider Azure Assault Dragon Lotus Dragon Grace Giver Dragon Jingle Bell Dragon
Canvas fem AAF 07c01b5ebf208ba321ed4e04b4606d13 22d9d0a2c1b58d1e76b8dbd54dcea935 Jingleadult fem
Tadh Dragon Meteor Dwarf Celebration Dragon
Tadh dragon female Dwarfmale Celebration male