The Seamair la Augury (lit. "Clover Day Omen"), alternatively Clover Dragon, was the St. Patrick's Day (2013) equivalent of the Loveletter Dragon, obtained from the clover-hunting event. You could redeem this dragon depending on the amount of clovers you recieved. There are three wing colours which refer to your rainbow intensity in your clover field (with white wings hatching from users who earned 13 or less dragons, pale rainbows hatching from users who earned 13 to 15 dragons, and bright rainbows from users who earned 16 or more)

It was released alongside the Tadh Dragon.

The collection rate/clover is as follows. It works on a square-root system and rounding.

  • 89 clovers = 10 dragons
  • 92 clovers = 11 dragons
  • 145 clovers = 13 dragons
  • 170 clovers = 14 dragons
  • 197 clovers = 15 dragons
  • 226 clovers = 16 dragons
  • 361 clovers = 20 dragons
  • 401 clovers = 21 dragons

Official Descriptions

Egg icon Egg
This greenish egg is speckled with gold.
Hatchling icon Hatchling
With a creak and a crack the egg pops open! The newborn dragon blends in with the grass.
Hatchling s2 icon Mature Hatchling
This baby dragon blends in with the grass. It's getting stronger every day and it bites out the green parts of leaves, leaving a pile of lacey remnants behind.
Adult icon Adult
The Seamair la Augury, sometimes known as the Grass Dragon, is a small dragon only found in a few meadows. Such meadows are often inhabited by large numbers of clover, something that the adult dragon seems to have a strong tie to. This affinity for clovers and the fact that they breed during early spring has given them a reputation as the herald of St. Patrick's Day. During breeding season the male Seamair gathers large numbers of red and white clover flowers for a nesting site. It is believed that pairs of these dragons are faithful for life and always nest in the same location each year. Some adults have a few golden scales, and when these fall off they are often quite valuable.



Series Egg Hatchling Mature


Male Clover hunting dragon egg 0 B891ce01835a816c2af1c6b3d14a8b42 Ba2fcc0031b1660b0cdc234c70bfd6b8
Seamir la augury s2 basic rainbow 2
Seamir augury s2 rainbows
Seamair male 2Seamair male 2 basic rainbowSeamair male 2 bright rainbow
Female A6df700b3481021a26084f2c19a46d46Seamair female 3 basic rainbowBb7d04741566e761e3f980500e56f638updated
Spriter's Alt Clover hunting dragon egg 0 Seamir la augury s1 salt Seamir la augury s2 salt Seamair male 2 alt
74bc8f1332653cc82eaa723f27713364 (1)
Old Sprites
Old Male Iaza18919775313800B9e16d710bc412ecc30b0de34d9841a2Bb7d04741566e761e3f980500e56f638 Old Female Seamir la augury s2 2Seamair fSeamair rainbow fB9e16d710bc412ecc30b0de34d9841a2 (1)Seamair rainbow bright f
Old Spriter's Alt Seamir la augury female salt
Festival of Lights '13
Seamair la augury lights alt maleSeamair la augury lights alt female

Hatching Sequence

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Clover hunting dragon egg 0
Clover hunting egg 1