This is a collection of artwork of current or past banners for Tale of Dragons, including the banners for the themes, backgrounds used on the site, and special banners that are used for events or have been retired.

NOTE: All themes retain the gray base and white font, though the banner, link color, and background scales vary.

Current Banners

The current banners on the site. The colors of the links reflect the species chosen IE: Starweavers have blue links.

  • Aqua
  • Comet Breaker
  • Nemisis
  • Starweaver
  • Nemisis update

Nemisis Guard

A picture of nemisis gaurding a large pile of eggs can be seen in the cave when all avalible eggs have been picked up. The picture remains there until the egg dropper refereshes and new eggs appear. It was illustrated by birdzareboomin.


Old Banners

These were the banners used when themes were first introduced. During a site update in January of 2013, in which the site's layout was overhauled and appearance updated, they were retired and replaced.

  • Main
  • Aqua
  • Cake
  • Nemesis
  • Main Coon
  • Sundown
  • Sunup

Main - Features an alted baset flying over the pyramids. Background is Black. This theme replaced the Beta theme, and was the only one available until themes were implemented. Aqua- Features a close up of an aqua dragon's head and one in flight. Links and background are Aqua.
Cake- Features two adult cake dragons. Links are pink. Background is blue.
Nemesis- Features a single Nemesis flying past the moon. Links are white. Background is black.
Main Coon- Features an adult and hatchling Main Coon. Links and background are pale orange.
Sundown- Features a normal and an alted sundown.Links are blue. Background is dark red.
Sunup - Features a normal and an alted Sunup. Links are pale blue. Background is purple.


The initial themes had scale backgrounds that changed with each theme. This feature was removed with the site update.



Special Banners

The Special banners replace the banner on the Main theme for a limited time, usually due to an event.

The BETA banner is the only exception, being used when the site was brand new. It was later replaced to feature a dragon actually available on the site. Namely, the Nemisis.

  • Beta Banner
  • Independence Day Banner
  • Jingle Banner (Xmas 2012)
  • Valentines Day Banner (Valentines 2013)
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