Spriter's Alts are special colourations of dragons exclusively owned by the artists of the species. Unlike normal alts, which gain their change upon drinking a potion, spriter's alts are born alted, thus their hatchling stages are alted as well if the sprite exists.

Spriter's alts, as their name suggests, cannot be obtained by any other players, including other artists and staff, unless the spriters choose to trade them. The alted Jingle Bell Dragon was an exception, as the spriter held a contest in the forums with spriter alts as one of the prizes, though only adult forms were available.

Originally any dragon in dragon requests could be have a spriter's alt, but that privilege is now restricted to holiday, event and donation breeds. A concept alt is a rarer occurrence, issued to the concept creator of the breed even if they had no part in the sprites themselves.

Regular dragons

Flare's Cake Dragon
Ccake1 Aa6283d70b54fe2418f6cab5c59dcf10 865004f364cd9c1f3fec6985df512b42 Choco.gif
Flare's Groovy Sundown Dragon
Sundown egg - - 7rainbowdown
Raistardragon's Canvas Glider
Canvas Glider egg 0 SA canvas1 SA canvas male hatchSA canvas fem hatch CanvasdragonspriterMCanvasdragonspriterF
Nite_Spriter's Frosted Holly Dragon
B54f734551854630a26b99f61b097043 Abab61c4a4c7953274ddac33c5a81e47 1274556df57042c09d8229202a16a7b2Frosts2femhatchiemyalt 8d856a3a288bbf957db3ecf93e88adb0Ebba22df1b81434a354caf246a6eea7e
Nakase's Frosted Holly
B54f734551854630a26b99f61b097043 9d83b5bd932b4c44eac5038e770e6bb3 28aaba3ba82b1fc1249da54f46a409f2Frosts2femhatchiealt 18c97dfc4c5fc80015e98a67d106dc56B09bbbddc9d365cb77582200e33a07df
Hawaiianbabidoll's Skull Phoenix
Phoenix dragon egg 0 37b4528ca5b04dd28cfc19d0cdbdd4c9 3c8a1e1d74488316c1b6a87e2d188dda3 baby f Skull phoenix maleSkull phoenix female
Birdzareboomin's Solar Emperor
Solar Emperor egg 0 Solar Emperor alt s1 Solar Count S2 Alt Solar Emperor alt adult
Birdzareboomin's Lunar Empress
Lunar Empress egg 0 Lunar Empress s1 alt Lunar Countess S2 Alt Lunar Empress adult alt

Holiday dragons

New Year's dragons

Infinis's Fireworks Lindwyrm
8b8c7d3cf3d8bcf126e39589c0462281 121-be0afba6f09b2884142576c6839ebf31 125-7bcf3936ad371302b4d3f91ac75fd066123-13a7df1d3ca45843df72015a53fa415d Ba23b89645780fcb53ef1edf7c91aac5Ec582e20681a3a63074404e3c3cf99bd

Valentine's Day dragons

Corteo's Sertsa Dragon
Val13c1 Cb64434f220171f85d87fb45e1b26d8f D67fad181dccf99e3723fccd14577a65F828ee9bf4ab468e03820060f7fceb76 2ffc2fac152f543eee2c0942829c5ca75e81393d76dad8acc18d02ca2b7e18cb
Turbo Track's Conceptor's Alt Sertsa Dragon
Val13c1 11c9d80ce66efdcb3145ddb89f6012b9 B4ef4564a3423a55c8e8531cf63d30a5E2e12547841a8633dc8b62519cac1150 15c278609a9ba26769eaa94d8947f504D1593c3f15af77f767baa49832f5887f
Birdzareboomin's Loveletter
86608212882d75bc6cc37d0d4dcc3c23 Mocha 1c67385d42eda7aab95cae364371ac4c822df7264afd069da44d4a602da0d51c Da9143c5782063d209d7f54d8eef7a05Ec0ffeb18d5adf60d8b08bef22279a72
Adrak's Chocolate Creme
Chocolate Creme egg 0 Adrakccs1 Adrakccs2mAdrakccs2f AdrakccmAdrakccf
Infinis's Chocolate Creme
Chocolate Creme egg 0 Chocolate Creme s1 Infinisccs2mInfinisccs2f InfinisccmChocolate Creme female spriter alt infinis

St. Patrick's Day dragons

Ashywolf's Seamair la Augury

Clover hunting dragon egg 0 Seamir la augury s1 salt Seamir la augury s2 salt Seamair male 2 alt74bc8f1332653cc82eaa723f27713364 (1)

Halloween dragons

Mysfytt's Deatheater Dragon
TrickEgg Deatheater spriter alt s1 Deatheater dragon spriter alt s2 maleDeatheater dragon spriter alt s2 female Deatheater dragon spriter alt maleDeatheater dragon spriter alt female
Honey Maize Dragon
TreatEgg Honey Maize dragon spriter alt s1 Honey Maize spriter alt s2 maleHoney Maize spriter alt s2 female Honey Maize spriter alt maleHoney Maize spriter alt female

Thanksgiving dragons

Maple Cervus
Maple Cervus egg 0 Maple Cervus s1 Maple Cervus s2 spriter alt Maple Cervus spriter alt

Winter Holidays dragons

Raistardragon's Jingle Bell Dragon
Wo5OJ Jingle Bell Alt Ungendered Hatchling Jingle Bell Alt HatchlingJingle Bell Alt Hatchling Jingle Bell Alt MaleJingle Bell Alt Female
InfinisSnowbell Dragon
Snowbell Dragon egg 0 Snowbell dragon alt s1 Snowbell dragon alt s2 maleSnowbell dragon alt s2 female Snowbell dragon spriter alt maleSnowbell dragon spriter alt female

Donation Dragons

Mysfytt's Prismatic Dragon

Rainbow prism egg 8443d0146ab1c3583f9dcfb23d2b4fbe Prismatic dragon gold s2 Prismatic dragon gold
Ashywolf's Alayi Oceane
Alayi oceane egg 0 Alayi oceane s1 ds Alayi oceane s2 ds Alayi oceane commersons dusky
Nue's Dracicorn
Donation dragon 5 egg 0 Donation dragon 5 s1 9373397f87288576f89969ddd662632b 794144362ebb7c983ca27cc75e6b6d0e
Nite_Spriter's Dracicorn
Donation dragon 5 egg 0 Donation dragon 5 s1 Dracicornhatch 52bc499a95eeab36e7839086fc50b90c
Sumoka's Dracicorn
Donation dragon 5 egg 0 Donation dragon 5 s1 Dracicornhatch Spriter alt dracicorn sumoka
Ashywolf's Adversary Dragon
Adversary egg 0 Adversary dragon spriter alt s1 Adversary dragon spriter alt s2 Adversary dragon spriter alt
Nue's Horai Dragon
8a7466ca905e5b7777ecb2d8f0f86bc1 KaguyaS1alt KaguyaS2alt Kaguyadragonalt
Nue's Donation Dragon
Donation dragon egg Donation dragon alt s1 Donation dragon alt s2 Donation dragon alt adult
Infinis's Conquest Dragon
Conquest Dragon egg 0 Conquest dragon spriter alt s1 Conquest dragon spriter alt s2 Conquest dragon spriter alt adult
Infinis's Cibola Dragon
Cibola dragon egg 0 Cibola dragon spriter alt s1 Cibola dragon spriter alt s2 Cibola dragon spriter alt adult
Infinis's Crow Dragon
Crow Dragon egg 0 Crow Dragon spriter's alt s1 Crow Dragon spriter's alt s2 Crow Dragon spriter alt
Infinis's Seachain Dragon
Seachain dragon egg 0 Seachain alt s1 Seachain alt s2 maleSeachain alt s2 female Seachain dragon s alt adult maleSeachain dragon s alt adult female
Infinis's War Dragon
War Dragon egg 0 War Dragon s1 spriter's alt War Dragon s2 alt War Dragon adult s alt
Infinis's Lepus Dragon
Lepus dragon egg 0
Nue's Foxfire Dragon
Foxfire dragon egg 0 Foxfire dragon s alt s1 Foxfire dragon s alt s2 Foxfire dragon s alt