Sessali Sercath's letter to Reginald M. Sercath.

The 2013 St. Patrick's Day event officially begun on the 10th March. A clover-collecting minigame was added, letting users collect clovers which randomly appeared every 15 minutes around the site (shortened to 10 minutes on the last day). These clovers could be dragged into a pot of gold on the top left side where they would be added to the user's stash. This collection could be viewed under the clover badge. 

Butterflies were added on March 11th, and 2 dragons on the 17th.

Four Leaf Clover Badge

Regular Contributors
Clover Clover gold badge

This badge was given to attendees of the event. 

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 12.36.38 PM

An example of a clover field.

Collectable Clovers

There are 22 clovers in total to collect during the event from when it started until the 17th. The rainbow clover is obtained by clicking the blue flower on the main lair page during the first 30 minutes of odd-numbered hours (EST).

Clover collection

The summary of the clover event.

Clover 3 Clover Clover 1 Clover 4 Clover 16 Clover trifolium White clover Clover 7 Clover 8 Clover 9 Clover 10 Clover 11
Oxalis Hare clover Red clover Yellow Oxalis Clover 17 Clover 18 Clover 19 Clover 20 Clover f Trollin clover


Corteo Ashywolf Earthgirl
Clover 3Clover Clover 1Clover 4Clover 16Clover trifoliumWhite cloverOxalisHare cloverRed cloverYellow OxalisClover 17Clover 18Clover 19Clover 20Clover fTrollin clover Clover 7Clover 8Clover 9Clover 10Clover 11
Rainbow clover pic

Location of the mysterious rainbow clover.


After reaching a certain amount of clovers butterflies will appear around your clover field. All of these apart from the rainbow butterfly are randomly generated by the site. The rainbow butterfly is obtained by clicking on anyone's rainbow clover. Only 5 butterflies can be seen at once; any additional butterflies collected appear randomly when your clovers are refreshed. There are 13 different types.

Cabbage White Clouded Yellow Red Admiral Blue Admiral Giant Orange Tip Red Pierrot Adonis Blue Indian Blue Crow Gatekeeper Papilio glaucus
Cabbage white butterfly
Butterfly clouded sulphur
Red admiral butterfly
Blue admiral butterfly
Black and orange butterfly
Butterflyblooanimated Butterfly32animated Butterfly9animation ButterflySWanimated
Papilio maackii Cinnabar Moth Rainbow Butterfly
Butterfly13animated Moth1animated
Rainbow butterfly

Ashywolf (All)

Tadh and Seamair dragons

Two dragons were released on the 17th. Raistardragon's Tadh Dragon was a lair-drop during the 17th, and Ashywolf's Seamair featuring 3 different colourations was a redeemable dragon for the clover-hunting event.

Tadh Dragon

Series Egg Hatchling


Male St patricks day egg 0 St patricks day hatchling St patricks day dragon male s2 Tadh dragon male
Female St patricks day female s2 Tadh dragon female

Seamair la Augury

Series Egg Hatchling Mature


Male Clover hunting dragon egg 0 B891ce01835a816c2af1c6b3d14a8b42 Ba2fcc0031b1660b0cdc234c70bfd6b8Seamir la augury s2 basic rainbow 2Seamir augury s2 rainbows Iaza18919775313800B9e16d710bc412ecc30b0de34d9841a2Bb7d04741566e761e3f980500e56f638
Female A6df700b3481021a26084f2c19a46d46Seamair female 3 basic rainbowBb7d04741566e761e3f980500e56f638updated

Clover Elixir

By purchasing this elixir from the Food Shop for 300 Dragon coins new.

Item Used
Ale Ale empty

Upon clicking use you have an option to Drink it or Walk Away. Upon clicking drink the green site theme will change and dragons will gain their St. Patrick's Day costumes.


Drinking the clover elixir.

You take a swig of the crisp clover concoction. Actually before you know it you've drank the whole thing. As you walk back to your home you notice that things suddenly appear green, and not in a sickly way... you wonder what was in that drink.

Green and Gold Theme


The St. Patrick's Day theme.

On drinking the Clover Elixir the eggs in the lair change from gray to green or yellow to match St. Patrick's Day, and the theme turned green. The theme can be returned to normal by changing it back in the theme selection, however a new elixer must be purchased and drank to change the theme back to green.

Green Yellow
Egg green Egg gold

St. Patrick's Day Dragon Costumes

On the 12th March most adult dragons gained a new green appearance if the Clover Elixir was used.

Species Sprite(s)
Aqua Dragon Adm1Adf2
Azure Assault Dragon AAm1Aaf2
Bastet Dragon HelpmeivebeenkidnappedKeepcalmanddragonon
Canvas Glider CGm1Cgf2
Comet Breaker Amphithere Cbm1Cbf2
Cow Amphithere Cam1Caf2
False-Headed Wyrm (Alts only) Fh wyrm 114shade
Fireworks Lindwyrm Fwm1Fwf2
Frosted Holly Dragon Fhm1Fhf2
Galaxy Diver Lindwyrm


Grace Giver Dragon Ggm1Ggf2
Ilio Dragon IdEPIC
Jingle Bell Dragon Jingle Bell Dragon (SP2013 male)Jingle Bell Dragon (SP2013 female)
Liberty Dragon Imbored
Lotus Dragon Ldm1LDf2
Loveletter Dragon


Main Coon Dragon Hiashy
Marsupial Springer Dragon Msm1Msf2
Nemesis Dragon Nmm11Nmf2
Ocean Serpent OSm1OSf2
Periwinkle Dragon Mwf2Pwksjs
Pollen Pygmy Plnm1Plnf2
Phoenix Dragon Pdf2Pdm1
Red Velvet Pygmy Rvm1Rvf2
Salamandrake Smdm11SMdf2
Sertsa Dragon Stm1Stf2
Shadow Dragon Shadow Dragon (SP2013 male)Shadow Dragon (SP2013 female)
Starweaver Dragon Sdm1Sdf2
Sulfur Dragon Slm1Slf2
Supernova Dragon SnEPIC
Undine Amphithere Udm1Udf2
Yinyang Lindwyrm Yinyang Lindwyrm (SP2013)
Zulin Dragon Znm1Znf2
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