The Stagnum Hydra was released on February 27, 2013. It was released alongside the Ilio Dragon. The hydras have a special breeding function that allows them to gain multiple heads.

Rarity: Uncommon
Colors: Green

Official Descriptions

Egg icon Egg
This green egg is made of slime.
Hatchling icon Hatchling
Out of the slime crawls a slimy, baby dragon! It is very careful and hesitant.
Hatchling s2 icon Mature Hatchling
Out of the slime crawls a slimy, baby dragon! It is very careful and hesitant. It's getting stronger every day and has grown used to your presence.
Adult icon Adult
Living in swamps and very wet areas, Stagnum Hydras feed on fish, small mammals and other reptiles smaller than themselves. They are, despite their size, difficult to spot. This is because the breed is almost extinct and the remaining individuals keep themselves carefully hidden. Their numbers have dropped drastically because of poaching. The poisonous slime that covers their bodies is a vital ingredient in many potions and brews, making it a valuable resource. However, recently a few people have acquired Hydra eggs, and by showing them love and respect in their youth, gained their trust and company. One can never tame a Hydra, but rather become its friend. A hydra, once befriended, is a powerful ally at all times. They still remain very cautious of whom they reveal themselves to though, since stealth has been a vital survival trait for the Hydras.


Hydras, when bred with other hydras, can create hydras with more heads. The head number adds up, so a male 2-headed with a female 1-head would make a 3-headed offspring. The maximum heads is 5. The hatchling of multiple-headed adults, regardless of how many heads the adult has, will always have two in its matured form and one in its premature form.

Sprite Artists


Series Egg Hatchling Mature


Adult Alt
One-headed Male Hydraegg.gif Stagnum Hydra h Stagnum Hydra hm Stagnum Hydra am -
One-headed Female Stagnum Hydra hf Stagnum Hydra af -
Series Multi-headed


Two-headed Adults Three-headed Adults Four-headed Adults Five-headed Adults
Male 4c8f12496c6e2463f42152bcd628d93d 75182ff3e4d34079cebaea5bbd07556c 2e40b737fc98a5e7f154d48bb0ecc347 B635c82adc3a1aeff9f27ebaf5472fbe 5 headed hydra male
Female E0bd624a5c0d474d6bed1cdd16e3bc87 154a00bac4af44da8f98cbf21d4eae33 7b504af6dfec1b5665056d64f065949a A82ceb6a6db4d2ad224034a52c91482f 1d20537028ec96f7ad3bb99b24abbd1f

Hatching Sequence

Unlike other eggs which just develop the same set cracks, this dragon's hatching is unique in that the creature can be seen developing inside, and the cracks ooze slime.

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Hydraegg.gif 4ccbef5392def07ddb11242815332b6c D90212d08990d7c3f4149a7aba1d955c 6820c73c1bf3714dea16991bd5a3ed15