The Thanksgiving Event of 2012 started 11/18/2012 with the release of the Grace Giver Dragon. They were available until November 26, 2012 12AM EST

A story was also included in annoucements.

Grace Giver Dragon

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Grace Givers are highly prized for their jovial and selfless natures. They often seek out those who are lonesome or less fortunate and leave them small tokens of affection without ever being seen. They live within forest thickets and are most active during the cooler autumnal months, though their songs can be heard year round. They live in small groups, called gaggles, consisting of between ten to twenty with adolescent males most often leaving to start new gaggles if numbers become too swollen. Their body shape allows for very efficient flight and they are capable of reaching speeds of between 50-60 km/h when traveling.


You're walking, alone, through the forest on an autumnal evening. The air is chilly and you quicken your pace. You wish you were already at your destination, rejoicing with friends in a celebration of thanks for all the good luck you've had this year. Something croons just out of sight and you move closer, following the sound to a dense thicket. It feels like you're being called, but when you step through the thicket to investigate, the creature has gone. All that remains is a strange, brightly colored egg, half-buried by a pile of leaves. Will you take it?