The Legacy of the Three Stars is a tale that describes the origin of a powerful dragon and its relation to the Spatial Trio members.

The Original Tale

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"In the beginning, there were only three. The three held the power to create something of great proportions."

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"With their magic, a light was formed. The light contained a tremendous power. Within it, another being was formed."

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"The light grew larger. It engulfed the entirety of space. The new being was born."

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"With the combined strength of the original three, it was unstoppable. It was the strongest being to have ever been created."

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"The three had seen what they had done, and they were terrified. With the last of their remaining magic, they fought the beast and sealed its magic away."

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"The beast, exhausted of power, transformed and dissipated away into a large light."

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"After using all of their power to stop the beast, the original three perished into light. This is the legacy left by them."